How You Can Find Simplicity in Travelling

How You Can Find Simplicity in Travelling

Have you experienced simplicity in your travels?

The term simplicity isn’t popularly associated with the concept of travelling. Instead, the thought of spendings, visas, accommodations, itineraries, and the amount of time and energy, often plague our minds when we prepare to travel. This is completely normal and understandable, especially if it takes a great deal of effort to make our travel plans happen. Sometimes, it’s not until you’ve gotten into the groove of travelling that you can find the moments of calmness amidst the excitement and adrenaline. Why is it important though to notice and appreciate these pacified moments? Because believe it or not, you can find simplicity in travelling. Think of it as travel’s “collateral beauty”.

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Listen to the quiet

I don’t know about you, but the time spent in an airport before and after a flight occupies a good chunk of my memory of a vacation. The hustle, the lines and the waiting time already take a lot out of you, to the point that when you get to your destination, you’d need serious downtime before you go about your tour. But even during your downtime in your accommodation, you’re already psyching yourself up for a full day of adventure out of sheer excitement. While this is all good and fun, there’s beauty in taking advantage of the quiet.

As you unwind and slump unto your bed, learn to just take a moment and breathe instead of consciously anticipating what’s going to happen during your trip. Sometimes, I even stare up at the ceiling and listen to the air conditioner just to have a necessary “bored” moment. Remember that you are not on vacation only for the adventure, but also to rest. Like what New York Times Bestseller Richard Carlson says in his book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff,

“The beauty of doing nothing is it teaches you to clear your mind and relax. It allows your mind the freedom to ‘not know,’ for a brief period of time. Just like your body, your mind needs an occasional break from its hectic routine. When you allow your mind to take a break, it comes back stronger, sharper, more focused and creative.”

Pay attention to your thoughts

Speaking of rest, once you’ve achieved a level of zen, you’re able to spend more time with your own thoughts as well. Not the same way you do at home, mind you. At home, you’re too near the situations that you need to think about whether in your career or personal and social life. When you’re on a vacation, yes it’s an escape, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to think clearly because you’ve physically and temporarily removed yourself from the circumstances you need to face back home.

I personally find this easier to do whenever I walk inside peaceful parks of beautiful countries. Somehow being around nature can make you feel more tranquil, closer to yourself and the outside world. The cool breeze, the swaying of the trees, the new landscape, and the bright blue sky put you in such a reflective or meditative state that it’s just easier to get clarity and put things into perspective.

When money doesn’t matter

Travel teaches you self-awareness in different ways too. Self-awareness can come about when travel compels you to learn certain life skills. One of the most important is working around a budget. Travelling on a budget shows simplicity in itself, but actually proving to yourself that you can do it, grounds you with the knowledge that you don’t need expensive material possessions to make you happy, especially in an age where we see people’s wealth and successes on social media. You realise that you simply need experiences and opportunities to make the most of, in order to live a fulfilled life.

It’s true that we still have to spend a substantial amount of buck for the bare necessities of our travels. But the ironic thing is that whenever we’re saving money on our trips, many of us settle for the simpler things like booking an inn, sharing the bill with friends, DIY tours, buying only souvenirs instead of splurging on luxury items all of these because we’re simply grateful for the mere opportunity and experience of travelling. There comes a point when there’s nothing more you could ask for, right?

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Although it may seem extravagant to some, going to more and more parts of the world isn’t just a luxury. The more you realise and witness just how big of a world you are part of, the smaller you feel as a human being. You realise that there is always so much to learn, so much to see, and many more things that perhaps you will never have the chance to encounter in this lifetime. That you are but a speck and part of a universe much bigger than yourself. It humbles me every time I think of this bit of wisdom. Some may say that I’m romanticising the idea of travel. But it’s my honest opinion that you find and learn simplicity in all shapes and forms. It may not be easy to see, but it’s there. If you look closely, you might find it too.


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