7 Hotels That Give You Incredible Mountain Views

7 Hotels That Give You Incredible Mountain Views

Be warned though; you might not want to part with your hotel room!

Imagine feasting your eyes upon mountains with peaks crowned in a headdress of ice as you wake up from a restful slumber — from your own private balcony, that too. The spectacular scenery is sure to leave you in awe and amazed at the beauty of mother nature. It may sound like a far-fetched dream but what if we tell you that you can turn your imagination into reality? From Asia to Europe, we list down our favourite hotels that will give you breathtaking views of some of the most majestic mountains.

Be warned though; you might not want to part with your hotel room!

Hotels in Asia with mountain views

1. Hotel Kaneyamaen — Unobstructed views of Mount Fuji

Image credit: Selected Onsan Ryokan

Hotel Kaneyamaen is an exquisite ryokan located in the highlands at the foot of Mount Fuji. It boasts a variety of rooms with unique features such as an open air bath and spacious lounge that offer striking views of the gem of Japan. The icing on the cake; an open air onsen for guests to soak their muscle aches and worries while admiring the glorious peak from a close distance.  

2. Hotel Everest View — Up close and personal with Mount Everest

Mount Everest reigns supreme as the tallest mountain in the world — towering at 8,848 metres above sea level. If you are keen to get up close and personal with Mount Everest (without any mountaineering skill), Hotel Everest View is the place to be. As its name suggests, every room commands a view of the peak in the Himalaya mountain range. At this hotel, you can bask in serenity and beauty from your own stone-walled balconies. Trust us, it will be a sight to behold. 

3. Villa Campuhan — A stunning backdrop of Mount Agung

Experience your own slice of paradise at Villa Campuhan — an eco-friendly resort fringed by pristine ocean and verdant greenery. The sacred Mount Agung serves as a backdrop at this 2,500 square feet coastal home. Here, you can soak up the tropical Bali vibes we all relish whilst surrounded by the active volcano on the Indonesian island. Days are best spent taking a dip in the infinity pool, enjoying a therapeutic massage, tucking into authentic Indonesian cuisine and simply gazing at the mountain. 

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Hotels in Europe with mountain views 

4. Riffelhaus 1853 — Fall in love with the jewel of the Swiss Alps

A stay at Riffelhaus 1853 will place you within sniffing distance of the magnificent Matterhorn. With rooms and suites that promise picture-perfect vistas of the jewel of the Swiss Alps, you’ll have the perfect excuse to stay in all day. But, if you’re feeling a tad bit adventurous, there’s something exhilarating in store for you — an outdoor whirlpool located within the precinct. Put on your swimsuit and enjoy a pampering session in fresh mountain air. You can take in incredible views of the Matterhorn while enjoying a dip in the hot tub. 

5. Relais Mont Blanc Hotel and Spa — A summer getaway in the heart of the Italian Alps

A charming hotel nestled in La Salle in Italy, Relais Mont Blanc Hotel and Spa is reminiscent of a quaint mountain village — complete with a wooden and stone facade. Here, you will be surrounded by an alluring jagged mountain scenery. If you’re feeling indulgent, opt for the Executive Suite Mont Blanc. It comes equipped with a large terrace and a private jacuzzi where you can bask in the otherworldly beauty of the Italian Alps. The best bet is to make your way here in summer so that you can get up to a myriad of fun-filled activities.  

Hotels in Australasia with mountain views

6. Hermitage Hotel — Dine in front of Mount Cook

At Hermitage Hotel tucked away in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand, you can get a load of the highest mountain in the region from your room (or balcony). That’s not it, come nightfall, you’ll be in for a visual spectacle. The sky is illuminated with innumerable glittering stars — aggrandised by the illustrious Mount Cook in the background. With the lack of light pollution, you’ll have ample unbeatable photo opportunities. The Hermitage Hotel also features an in-house restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows so that you can dine in front of the mountains.

7. The Matakauri Lodge –  Alpine lakeside retreat with mountain views

Located in the adventure capital of the world, The Matakauri Lodge will leave your heart thumping with excitement – for all the right reasons. This alpine lakeside retreat is situated along the reposeful Lake Wakatipu overlooking the sublime mountain ranges. Go for the owner’s cottage if you have the means. It comes with a private balcony complete with a jacuzzi on top of an outdoor courtyard area with barbecue and cooking facilities. You can enjoy a plethora of activities with an unparalleled view of the mountains to boot.

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There you have it; a list of hotels in the world with stunning mountain views. Bookmark this list for when you can travel again!

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