50 Epic Trips to Make in Your Lifetime

50 Epic Trips to Make in Your Lifetime

It's impossible to explore all the grandeurs of Earth within a lifetime, but that does not mean you shouldn't attempt it.

“If you love writing, then no matter what happens, you will write, and you’ll love it.” These were the wise words my lecturer once shared with me during an English Literature class. The same, I suppose, can be said of those who love to travel.

We who love to travel are constantly seeking out the opportunity for our next big trip, to satisfy our wanderlust, to explore the world as much as we can while we can. And although we may never be able to visit every last corner of this beautiful world, we can and we will most certainly try.

So, for all of us who love to travel, here’s a list of 50 epic trips to make in one lifetime, arranged by continents.


1. Visit Tokyo during the cherry blossom season

2. Walk on the Great Wall Of China

3. Attempt the world’s tallest bungee at Macau Tower

4. Cruise along the Halong Bay

5. Catch the perfect sunrise at Angkor Wat

6. Visit Bhutan, one of the world’s most isolated countries

7. Marvel at the giant Supertrees in Singapore

8. Witness the guard-changing ceremony in Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace

9. Marvel at the beauty of the Taj Mahal

10. Scale Indonesia’s stunning Mount Rinjani

11. Chill with wild orangutans in Sarawak

12. Visit Son Doong Cave, the largest jungle cave in the world

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13. Hot air balloon over the Burmese temples in Bagan

14. Embark on an epic backpacking trip in Southeast Asia

15. Ride the whole length of the Trans-Siberian Railway

16. Trek through the Himalayas

17. Conquer Everest… or at least reach the Everest Base Camp

18. Admire the archaeological wonders of Petra in Jordan

19. Visit the ancient Persepolis of Iran

Image credit: MasoudKhalife

20. Stay in an overwater villa in the Maldives


21. Witness the natural wonder that is Niagara Falls

22. Go camping at Yosemite National Park

23. Gaze in awe over the beauty of the Grand Canyon

epic trips

24. Usher in the new year at New York’s Times Square

25. Go on an epic coast-to-coast trip in the U.S.

26. Set out on an icy kayak adventure on Alaska’s Glacier Bay

27. Sail around the Caribbean


28. Explore the wildlife sanctuary known as the Galapagos Island

29. Trek through the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

30. Uncover the mystery of the Mayans at Chichen Itza

31. Take a boat ride along the snaking Amazon River

32. Be part of a carnival at Rio De Janeiro

33. Walk on a natural mirror at Bolivia’s Salar De Uyuni (Salt Flats)

Image credit: Yellow531

34. Visit the enigmatic Moai of Easter Island


35. Take in the grandeur of the Swiss Alps

36. Iceland – ’nuff said

37. Enjoy the spectacle of the Northern Lights

38. Visit the seat of the Catholic Holy See in Vatican City

39. View the relics of ancient Rome

40. See the Netherlands turn purple when lavender’s in season

41. Replace the Monday blues with the blues in Santorini

42. Party it up in Ibiza

43. Make that month-long Euro trip happen


44. Brave the wilds of the Australian Outback

45. Enjoy a leisurely swim with sharks in Australia’s Ningaloo Reef

46. Find nemo in the Great Barrier Reef… before it’s gone

47. Go skydiving in New Zealand

Image credit: Michael Napoleon


48. Catch the Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti

49. Journey through the African Safari

50. Marvel at the ancient pyramids of Giza

More than 50

And that makes 50 epic trips to make in a lifetime. Though to be honest, is 50 really the be all and end all? I certainly felt like there were more! So, to all of us, here’s towards a lifetime of travel, and a lifetime of memories.

“If you love travelling, then no matter what happens, you will travel. And you’ll love it.”

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