Go Nuts Over These 13 Types of Doughnuts Around the World

Go Nuts Over These 13 Types of Doughnuts Around the World

Everyone loves these fluffy deep-fried pastries of indulgent goodness. But do you know the unexpected varieties of doughnuts around the world? Here are the most delicious versions of the good ol’ doughnut.

1. Azores: Malasada

Image credit: Joyosity

Malasadas are egg-shaped balls of fried dough covered in granulated sugar. That gives these bite-sized babies a grainy texture that contrasts with their warm insides.

2. Canada: Maple Bar

 Image credit: Mike McCune

Maple Bars are maple-glazed doughnuts shaped in a rectangle. As if that isn’t decadent enough, these bars are often filled with custard! The one pictured is a famous variation that’s topped with bacon to become a whole breakfast in one doughnut.

3. China: Youtiao

 Image credit: Popo le Chien

Youtiao looks like a breadstick but tastes more like a chewy deep-fried stick. They are lightly salted but can be eaten sweet alongside soy milk. Locals also pair them with savoury dishes such as congee.

4. France: Beignet

 Image credit: vxla

Beignets are French deep-fried pastries made from choux pastry (choux pastry is used to make light pastries such as eclairs). These pillowy doughnuts are covered in powdered sugar for a classier version of the good ol’ doughnut.

5. Dutch and Belgium: Oliebol

 Image credit: Teunie

Oliebol gets their round shape from ice cream scoops, or two spoons that are used to scoop up the dough. They are soft and often have raisins or candied fruits.

6. German: Berliner

 Image credit: Dr. Bernd Gross

Berliners are two halves of yeast dough rich in eggs, milk, and butter, which are put together for frying. They have a bright ring and are topped with powdered sugar or jam.

7. India: Gulab jamun

 Image credit: Ikon

Gulab jamun are reddish-brown balls of milk solids kneaded into dough and deep fried. They have thin crisp shells but are soft on the inside. These sweet babies are perfectly round and covered in a light syrup for extra fragrance.

8. Italy: Struffoli

 Image credit: Joefoodie

Struffoli is a dish of marble-sized dough balls. They are dressed with honey, colourful sprinkles and cinnamon. We’d love to have a bowl of this doughnut cereal for breakfast.

9. Japan: Sata Andagi

 Image credit: 305 Seahill

Sata andagi are crunchy deep-fried sweet buns originating from Okinawa. Its name comes from saataa, which means “sugar”, and andaagii, which means “deep fried”. Some are filled with local ingredients such as taro.

10. Mexico: Churro

 Image credit: Juan Mejuto

Churros are fried dough choux-based pastries. They are crunchy and hard on the outside but have soft centers. The commonly star-shaped pastry is often taken with dips such as molten chocolate.

11. Morocco: Sfenj

 Image credit: Bigmumy

Stenj is an odd-shaped doughnut that is often soaked in honey. They are also good on their own or with just a sprinkling of sugar.

12. Russia: Pączki

 Image credit: Jarmoluk

A small amount of alcohol is added into Pączkis before they are deep-fried. This creates fluffy balls as the alcohol prevents them from absorbing oil deeply. Its dough is particularly rich and often glazed or filled with jam.

13. Turkish Cypriots: Lokma

 Image Credit: Alpha

Lokmas look similar to Gulab Jamuns, but they are made of normal doughnut dough. They are soaked in honey, syrup and even chocolate sauce so that saucy goodness oozes out after the first bite.

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