Don’t Leave Taiwan Without Visiting These 7 Night Markets

Don’t Leave Taiwan Without Visiting These 7 Night Markets

Going shopping in Taiwan? Don't miss their night markets for great deals and unique finds.

Night markets are almost a fixture in Taiwan. They are usually open nightly, and you can find all kinds of stuff, including clothing, street food and even toys at these markets. Night markets usually start at dusk and continue until midnight. Going to a night market is an experience that is not to be missed for anyone travelling to Taiwan.

Here are some of the best night markets in Taiwan.

1. Shilin Night Market

Image Credit: Kirk Siang

Shilin Night Market is the largest and likely the most popular night market in Taipei. It is located in the Shilin district and is accessible by MRT. This night market is famous for its wide variety of authentic Taiwanese street food and fashionable clothing. Most of the shops are indoors, but you can still find some stalls along the streets.

2. Liouhe Tourist Night Market

Image credit: Waka

Liouhe Tourist Night Market in Kaohsiung is the most renowned night market in southern Taiwan. It is a popular tourist spot, as it is near the Kaohsiung train station. At this night market, you can find over 170 vendors that sell all kinds of things, including street food, local snacks, and fresh seafood, as Kaohsiung is port city in southwestern Taiwan. The streets where this night market is located are very busy, but when the night comes, they become pedestrians only.

3. Raohe Street Night Market

Image Credit: LWYang

Raohe Street Night Market is one of the most popular night markets in Taipei. It is always  packed during weekends and holidays. This night market is famous for its local snacks, including beef noodle soup, pork feet noodle string, bubble tea, etc. You may also find some exotic dishes, such as Pakistani cuisines and Indian food here.

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4. Keelung Miaokou Night Market

Image Credit: Jzee

Miaokou Night Market in Keelung is a paradise for foodies, as it is well known for its great diversity of food. This night market is near the Keelung train station, which makes it very accessible for both the locals and tourists. Although this night market isn’t as big as some of the other night markets, it is extremely busy. In addition to food, you can find other goods, such as toys, socks, small appliances, and so on, at bargain prices here.

5. Tainan Flowers Night Market

Image Credit: Albert Hsieh

Tainan Flowers Night Market is the largest night market in Tainan, a city that is known for its mouth-watering delicacies and historical sites. Make sure that you visit this night market with an empty stomach, as you’ll be amazed by the variety of food available, from oyster omelet, stinky tofu, to Japanese sushi and Indian Teh Tarik. You can also find game stalls here at the Tainan Flowers Night Market where you can play pinball, shoot darts, basketball, etc. Unlike most other night markets that open daily, Tainan Flowers Night Market is open on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday only.

6. Feng Chia Night Market

Image Credit: Steve

Located in Taichung, Feng Chia Night Market is one of the largest night markets in Taiwan. You can find a lot of interesting and exotic food, including charbroiled pepper bread, cactus-flavoured rice, shaved ice, beef noodle soup and spicy hot pot. One thing you must try when you are here is a special drink known as the Feng Chia Four-in-One, which is basically a mixture of tapioca, jelly figs, as well as lemon and kumquat juice.

7. Luodong Night Market

Image Credit: LWYang

Luodong Night Market is in the Yilan county of Taiwan. It is so named as it is located right next to the Luodong Park. This night market is famous for its unique Yilan dishes, including rice noodle thick soup, iced maniocs with red beans, medicine mutton soup, smoked duck, and Yilan scallion pancake.

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