12 Cool Designs These SEA Countries Have Done With Batik

12 Cool Designs These SEA Countries Have Done With Batik

Let's take a look at the best batik designs in the region.

Batik, which originated in Java, Indonesia and proliferated throughout Southeast Asia, has become somewhat of a signature apparel in the region. Perhaps it’s the way batik designs are so intricate and expressive that spoke to a lot of SEA cultures. We know batik when we see it, but what is it actually made out of? 

To put it simply, batik is a decorating technique that can be applied to different fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, rayon, and hemp. On these fabrics, hot wax is applied on selected areas, while a dye covers the rest of the fabric. The parts covered in wax manage to maintain their original colour, and this process can be repeated several times to get the desired look on the cloth. While batik comes from old traditions, plenty of apparel stores have innovated batik clothing to suit modern trends. From Indonesia to Thailand, here are cool batik designs that SEA countries have created!

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Indonesia reigns supreme in unique, comfortable, and trendy batik designs. It boasts of batik designers that go all out in style, from kimono-inspired batik clothing to beach apparel. Here are the batik stores in Indonesia that stood out to us:

1. Batik Gaya’s reimagined oriental designs

Although Batik Gaya offers casual batik fashionwear, it doesn’t detach itself from traditional oriental motifs. Whether you want an Indonesian-inspired tunic or a batik kimono and qipao, Batik Gaya promises to give all of these in a fun splash of colour you’d be hardpressed to find anywhere else. 

2. Cap Bali’s tropical and chill vibe

Comfortable clothes can happen even with batik. Take for example, these loose cardigans and pants from Cap Bali. Just by looking at them, you wouldn’t know whether you should hit the beach in them or wear them as pyjamas. This Indonesian store also sells frilly skirts and cropped tops for young customers. But in our opinion, you just got to have them all. 

3. Rianty Batik’s smart and flirty ways

Speaking of a collection that caters to different types of shoppers, some trendy and smart casual batik designs are waiting for you in Rianty Batik. This store’s batik design ideas just meet your different needs; it sells batik blouses that are great for the office and wrap-around skirts for your beach trip. What’s more, Rianty Batik has a collection for kids to make your little ones look cool and fly in batik clothing. 

4. The Batik Atelier’s loud polo statements

And of course, Indonesia isn’t short of batik fashion stores for men. The Batik Atelier boasts of a wide selection of batik polo shirts with matching face masks for the lads. These batik designs definitely speak to those who want something loud but fashionable to match their plain trousers. In fact, some look suitable enough to wear to a wedding.

The Philippines

The batik designs and patterns in the Philippines are inspired by the textiles of its native cultures. If you want to shop for clothes in the country that represent traditional Filipino artistry, check out these apparel stores:

5. Balik Batik’s reinvented traditional Filipino garments

Balik Batik gained recognition in recent years as it made headlines for its mission to make Filipinos more appreciative of Filipino batik artistry that’s wearable every day. Among its popular designs are batik jackets, cape blazers, and a popular favourite — the batik terno. The terno top is inspired by the traditional Filipiniana dress marked by puffed sleeves. Matched with batik designs, the terno top is the perfect combo of traditional and modern.

6. Kultura’s modern batik accessories

In its roster of heritage-inspired clothes and items, Kultura includes batik accessories and bags that would make the perfect souvenirs. It has everything, such as batik pouches, tote bags, purses, and standard shoulder bags elegantly styled for casual use. Even better, a lot of these items are hand-woven and made from eco-friendly materials.


Batik designs in Malaysia also flash bold colours and patterns, regardless of conservative or flirty apparel. It’s not every day you can find cute bucket hats with batik motifs. Here’s what caught our eyes:

7. Batik Boutique’s relaxing robes you can sleep in

Speaking of souvenirs, Malaysia’s Batik Boutique has loads of them and an army of batik fashion collections. Batik headband and scrunchies? Check. Batik bags? Check. Batik dresses, pants, scarves, and boxers? Quadruple check. You’ll basically drown in these batik design ideas. Minimalist fashionistas are going to love the clothes too; head turners they may be, the patterns on them remain classy and timeless.

8. Maryam Bayam’s boho beach looks

Maryam Bayam had us at bucket hats. No wait, it’s not just the bucket hats that get us. It’s the batik earrings, batik scrunchie hoops, and twisted batik headbands that have us all googly-eyed. We can just imagine sporting these headdresses at the beach or on a nice summer road trip with our friends. Don’t forget to check out the shop’s batik wrap-around skirts to complete your OOTD.


A lot of Singapore’s batik apparel are all about modern and chic interpretations. The Little Red Dot sure does a good job in making batik designs look like the most casual fashion choice. Here are our favourites:

9. Makerly Singapore’s pieces that boast an effortless vibe

Easy breezy batik tops are the name of the game for Makerly Singapore. If you’re a fan of that lazy girl look wherein it seems like you just grabbed a random top to match your jeans, this is where you want to spend your money. Makerly’s batik tops range from v-necks and ruffle spaghetti tops, to ribbon tie-back tops. Most of their batik designs come in yellows and blues, which are very refreshing colours any time of the year. Needless to say, each piece will surely make your OOTD look fresh and young too. 

10. Think Batik’s cardigans for on-the-go fashionistas

If you’re a fan of wearing muted colours as base clothes but want a pop of colour to go over them, Think Batik has the perfect solution in the form of their kebaya tops. With diverse batik designs in the collection, there’s no doubt you’ll find a piece that speaks to your personality. And yes, this store also has a men’s collection. So say hello to awesome batik polo shirts suitable for work, meetings, and even romantic dates. 


Thailand also brings its A-game to the table with batik pieces that cater to all preferences, whether you’re on the more traditional or hip end of the spectrum. The country’s batik designs basically cover all the colours of the rainbow and more. Check out our faves:

11. Baba Closet’s head-turning skirts

Baba Closet has batik native collections that are so bright and stylish, it’s hard for any fashionista to turn away. Though many of the dresses in the collection are inspired by traditional Thai clothing, they are decorated with batik floral patterns that will appear all too familiar and relatable to the regular shopper. Give them a try!

12. Pha Thoong Noong Dai’s versatile wraps and dresses

This batik store can dress you from casual batik dresses to athleisure-inspired batik trousers. In fact, if you take a moment and think about how you can style these batik tops, robes, and pants, we’re sure you can pull off plenty of looks thanks to how versatile the simple designs can be. They even have mini robes for your kids!

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What do you think of these batik design ideas from all over Southeast Asia? Promising, aren’t they? Share your favourite batik store with us on our Facebook Page!

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