22 Christmas Gifts For Travellers You Can Buy Online Under SGD50

22 Christmas Gifts For Travellers You Can Buy Online Under SGD50

Thinking of what to buy for a friend who loves to travel? This list of 22 Christmas gifts for travellers is just what you need. Buy it online and save yourself from the Christmas shopping crowd!

‘Tis the season to be jolly (fa la la la la, la la la la) but buying gifts for our loved ones can quickly turn from a delightful endeavour into a frustrating one. You may be caught in the situation where you are unable to get that ideal gift you have in mind, or simply have no idea what to buy. If you are buying a gift for a traveller, this list of Christmas gifts under SGD 50 may just be what you need. The best part – you can buy any of these items with just a few clicks. To make it in time for Christmas which is fast approaching, chop chop because shipping will take at least a few days!

Practical Items

1. American Tourister Smart Toilet Kit


Lugging bottles of toiletries to the washroom can be a messy affair. Every traveller needs a toiletry kit to stay organised and to keep their daily baths hassle-free.

Where to buy: Zalora
Price: SGD 25.00

2. American Tourister Foldable Backpack

This foldable backpack is the mother of all space-saving backpacks. Its simple and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel.

Where to buy: Zalora
Price: SGD 25.00

3. Herschel Packable Travel Tote

It is always smart to bring a tote bag along when travelling, especially shoppers – they’ll never know when they might run out of luggage space. A bonus part is that this tote is packable as well.

Where to buy: Zalora
Price: SGD 39.00

4. Iconic Buildings Around The World Tote Bag

When your loved one is not travelling, they can carry this tote bag featuring iconic buildings around the world. Better still if they have been to some of the cities housing these iconic buildings.

Where to buy: Etsy
Price: SGD 22.53

5. Samsonite Travel Link Triple Comfort Inflatable Pillow

Nothing says “I care for you” more than getting your jetsetting friend this inflatable travel pillow to increase their comfort while sleeping on airplanes.

Where to buy: Zalora
Price: SGD 25.00

Electronics-Related Items

6. TP-Link Portable Wireless Router


Get your friend the ultimate gift of wi-fi wherever they go with this portable wireless router. Watch the video to see how it works.

Where to buy: Bizgram
Price: SGD 49.00

7. Selfie Monopod + Bluetooth Remote Shutter

The selfie stick is the ideal gift for the friend who loves taking photos of themselves (rather than the sceneries) on their travels, yet is too “cool” to already have bought one for themselves.

Where to buy: Lazada
Price: SGD 8.50

8. Jumbox 10400mAh Power Bank

If you know that your traveller friend has been on such a tight budget saving for their travels that they can’t afford a power bank, get one for him/her!

Where to buy: Challenger
Price: SGD 39.00

9. X-MINI II Capsule Speaker

A mini speaker is for those who can’t live without depriving themselves of (blasting) music, even or especially when they are travelling. A perfect gift for those backpackers who love the clubbing scene too.

Where to buy: Courts
Price: SGD 35.90

Wall decorations

10. Wanderlust Print by The Spink Studio

For that friend who loves to post travel quotes as captions on Instagram, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

Where to Buy: Naiise
Price: SGD 18.00

11. Luckies Star Map

This piece of wall art is sure to leave every traveller dreaming of the carefree nights spent staring into the starry skies.

Where to buy: Naiise
Price: SGD 35.00

12. Scratch Off World Map

This is for those who diligently keep track of the countries they have travelled to. The tin foil layer of the map can be scratched off to reveal another layer with a different colour; a great visual of how much of the world they have discovered.

Where to buy: Etsy
Price: SGD 29.20

Pretty Things

13. World Map and Globe Earrings

Many travellers love world maps and globes – anything that reminds them of the vastness of the world. This earring is for the traveller who loves to accessorise.

Where to buy: Etsy
Price: SGD 14.46

14. Two Sided Earth Glass Necklace

It’s going to be hard to decide between the globe earrings and this earth necklace. Solving this dilemma is simple, though. Just get them both.

Where to buy: Etsy
Price: SGD 11.20

15. Winter Time Knitted Scarf

If you have a friend who loves travelling to countries with cold weather, this adorable scarf may just be the perfect gift.

Where to buy: Zalora
Price: SGD 27.90

Sports Gear

16. Deuter Drypack


A drypack is a great gift, especially for that friend who is planning a beach-y trip soon.

Where to buy: Hockgiftshop
Price: SGD 26.00 (15L)

17. Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp

The adventurous camper will welcome this torch strapped to a headband because they understand the convenience of having their hands free.

Where to buy: Hockgiftshop
Price: SGD 50.00


18. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a simple read about following our dreams and destiny. It’s a tale about Santiago, a young shepherd from Spain who traversed foreign territories to get to the Egyptian pyramids in search of treasures.

Where to buy: Opentrolley
Price: SGD 19.58

19. Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

Into The Wild is real story based on a young man from a wealthy family who abandoned his possessions and hitchhiked his way into Alaska. His body was found four months later, and the story in between is a captivating one.

Where to buy: Opentrolley
Price: SGD 17.89

Travel Kits

20. Royal Classic Microfiber Towel Set

Cotton towels are out and microfibers are in – for travellers, at least. If you find it weird to buy a friend a towel for Christmas, get them a royal classic towel set instead.

Where to buy: Rakuten
Price: SGD 36.76

21. Living Proof Restore Repairing & Damage Reversing Travel Kit


Don’t let your friend’s backpacking trip stop her from treating her hair well. This travel-sized toiletry will tame those travelling manes into frizz-free awesomeness.

Where to buy: Zalora
Price: SGD 39.00

22. M square Business Travel – Travel Organiser Kit

Get that traveller friend of yours to standardise the colour of his/her travel pouches with this travel organiser kit.

Where to buy: Lazada
Price: SGD 37.90

On your quest to shop for your loved ones, did you just fall in love with something for… yourself? We wouldn’t blame you, especially if you are a traveller yourself. Just post this up on Facebook, tag your friends and “hint” exactly what you want for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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