Could These 'Rolling Homes' Be the Future of Living?

Could These ‘Rolling Homes’ Be the Future of Living?

I bet your ideal home would't be close to these futuristic dwellings in Lithuania. Could these 'rolling homes' be the future of living? You better find out.

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Looking like they are always ready to roll when calamity strikes, these ‘Rolling Homes’ are futuristic dwellings clustered in a lagoon next to the Baltic Sea in Svencelė, Lithuania. Designed by DO Architects, each home is good for a single family, with three storeys of efficient living from the transparent facades that allow the natural light to pass through while offering spectacular views of the surroundings to the closed sides that give privacy among neighbours.

While the architectural structure is a bit odd, all the comfort and convenience for a desirable place to live are found in this futuristic and eco-friendly rolling homes. Are you not excited to embrace the future of living?

55.495093, 21.244576,SVENCELĖ, Priekulės seniūnija, Klaipėda County, Lithuania

Embrace all living possibilities and plan your visit to Lithuania.

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