Singapore and China to Kickstart 30-Day Visa Free Travel Deal

Travelling Between Singapore and China Is Now a Lot Easier!

Prepare for a visa-free journey!

Hold onto your passports, travel enthusiasts! Singapore and China just signed a brand-new deal that makes exploring each other’s countries much simpler. Soon, citizens from both countries will be able to visit the other for up to 30 days, visa-free.

As of right now, Chinese passport holders need to apply for a visa beforehand, while Singaporeans can only visit China for a maximum of 15 days visa-free. The new agreement is expected to boost tourism and cultural exchange between the two nations.

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The announcement was made during the 17th Joint Council for Bilateral Cooperation (JCBC) meeting, highlighting the commitment of both countries to strengthening their relationship. In the words of Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, “This visa-free arrangement will enable more people-to-people exchanges, thereby fortifying the bedrock of our bilateral relations.”

Here are some key points to remember about the new visa-free travel arrangement:

1. Both Chinese and Singaporean citizens are eligible.

2. The allowed visa-free stay is 30 days.

3. This is the first JCBC meeting since both sides upgraded their bilateral relations earlier in 2023.

4. Flight operations are currently at 70% of pre-pandemic levels, and the visa-free agreement is expected to encourage further travel.

So, whether you’re thinking of going on a business trip to China or a cultural adventure to Singapore, this new visa-free agreement makes it easier and more convenient than ever before. Start planning your next trip today!

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