How to Get Lost While Travelling

How to Get Lost While Travelling

We never really "wander" anymore. Learn how you can be spontaneous and get ready to be #wanderLOST.

Oftentimes when we travel, we go through all the fuss of planning our itinerary, making a budget of potential expenses and researching about places to go and where to eat. Wanderlust nowadays has a whole different meaning. We never “wander” any more. We avoid the thought of getting lost in an unknown place. But don’t get me wrong here; when I say lost, I mean the good kind of “lost”. If the modern definition of travelling has got you clouded, here’s a quick guide on how to get #wanderLOST while travelling.

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1. Be spontaneous

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Getting lost is all about being spontaneous. For a really organised person like myself, it might be extremely difficult to just go with the flow. Don’t be too rigid; break some rules. Is cliff diving part of the plan? Who cares? JUST.DO.IT.

2. Plan only the basics

Okay, you can’t be TOO spontaneous. Plan your basic travel itinerary like flights and accommodation but that’s it. Don’t get too worked up on minute-by-minute schedules or early morning hassle tours.

3. Meet locals and make new friends

Locals know best. Try to be one by communicating to them, learning their culture and way of living, and eventually being friends with them. They’ll take you to the real hidden gems and the road-less-travelled!

4. Commute

The easiest way for a traveller to get lost, even unintentionally, is by commuting. Been there, done that — so many times! In the end, after all the “trouble” of finding your way back to a more familiar place, you’re left with funny memories of how you got lost.

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5. Pack light

You have to always be on the go if you ought to be spontaneous. Pack multi-purpose pieces and bring only what you truly need. Girls, I know it’s hard but you have to try. Stop the I-will-bring-this-in-case-of-emergency mentality.

6. Disconnect

This is perhaps the hardest to do. Might I die without my mobile phone and internet? How can we share our trip to the rest of the world? Well, the answer is you don’t. Switch everything off. Go for a hike and enjoy the fresh air. Rest your eyeballs from all your digital activities. You’ll thank me later.

7. Take caution but don’t be afraid

While you’re out and about, be aware of your surroundings. Try to get a feel of how secure the place is. If you aren’t comfortable being alone at an unfamiliar place, then go with a trusted companion. Take caution but don’t be afraid to explore.

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So, are you ready to get #wanderLOST? You better be. Sometimes, the best things in life are the unexpected ones.

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