Sakura Season in Singapore: Catch The Pink Trumpet Trees in Bloom

Sakura Season in Singapore: Catch the Pink Trumpet Trees in Bloom

Look out for Singapore's version of the cherry blossom season.

It’s cherry blossom season now, with the beautiful pink sakura reaching full bloom in places such as Japan. If you didn’t get to see sakura, fret not: you can still see pink flowers of a similar kind right here in Singapore. This April, keep a lookout for the pink blooms of Singapore’s trumpet trees.

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Sakura-like blooms in Singapore

singapore trumpet trees

Singapore is home to about 15,000 trumpet trees, which are known for their five-petalled, trumpet-shaped flowers. These flowers are pink or white in colour and bloom in clusters at a height of 18 to 25 metres. A trumpet tree’s flowers usually bloom for several days before wilting.

The flowering of these trees in Singapore typically occurs between March and April, and in August. It is triggered by a dry spell followed by heavy rain.

The trumpet tree is native to tropical America, but was introduced in Singapore in the 1980s to beautify the country’s roads and parks. Trumpet trees can grow up to a whopping 35 metres tall.

Where to catch pink trumpet trees blooming in Singapore

trumpet trees singapore

Trumpet trees can be found across the island. They have recently been spotted blooming in places such as Jurong Lake Gardens, Kembangan, Old Holland Road, and along the Singapore River. Other notable places known for their trumpet trees include East Coast Park and Gardens by the Bay.

Amidst the sweltering hot weather that has gripped Singapore in recent weeks, the beautiful pink blooms of the trumpet trees have brought some cheer. The country is expected to experience hot weather and more rainfall in the first half of April. Fingers crossed, you’ll get to witness Singapore’s “sakura season” in its full splendour!

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