Guide to Singapore Beaches – The Top 13

Guide to Singapore Beaches – The Top 13

In this special guide to Singapore's beaches, we will be bringing to you some of the best kept secrets of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Singapore!

Lying close to the equator, Singapore is known for its tropical weather — sunny-and-rainy season all year round — and also its particularly hot and humid days. However, its unique location in the tropics also means that Singapore is home to some beautiful beaches and parks -— with some beaches even bearing historical significance and statuses as preserved heritage sites.

Regardless of whether you are a tourist or a local, we can all probably agree that we can sometimes appreciate a quiet stroll along the beach and the amazing sea views that come with it. Whether you are looking for a place to take a quiet evening stroll or a camping site for your short weekend family getaway, this guide to Singapore’s beaches will introduce you to some of the most iconic beaches in Singapore that you should definitely check out! 

So here are some of the top beaches in Singapore for your next weekend beach getaway idea — without even needing your passport or an air ticket: 

1. Beaches on Coney Island

Image credit: Jnzl’s Photos

Once home to a lone brown cow that has unfortunately passed on, Coney Island is home to a rich and diverse population of flora and fauna, and their different habitats. Not immediately obvious or visible upon entering the island, the beaches on the island can be rather elusive, requiring some navigating around the many paths and trails around first. 

Image credit: Jnzl’s Photos

The beaches on Coney Island can be accessed via five different points to five different beach areas (Areas A to E), with areas C and E being recommended as quieter and more private beach hangouts.

While one should not expect pristine and expansive beaches, you can still get up-close to the waters and look across to the surrounding islands around eastern Singapore like Pulau Ubin and even Johor. You can also explore the adjacent mangrove boardwalks and cycling trails that will lead you to the different beaches on Coney Island, where you can observe different wildlife and immerse yourself in the comforts of nature.

Be warned however that as there are many sandflies on the beaches, you might want to come in covered pants or just be prepared with some insect repellant!

2. Beaches on St John’s Island

Image credit: Kilburn2000

Located south of mainland Singapore, St John’s island was once a quarantine ground for early immigrants who suffered from diseases like cholera, beri beri and even leprosy. Today, the island has transformed into a popular weekend getaway, especially for those who are seeking respite from the sometimes-overwhelming city life back in mainland Singapore.

Commonly frequented by both tourists and locals alike, the beaches of St John’s island are popular spots to have an idyllic picnic at, where you can marvel at the beautiful city skyline of Singapore while enjoying the good company of friends and family. You can also choose to take a swim in the inviting beach waters or simply enjoy a game of frisbee by the beach — the possibilities are endless and yours to choose from!

Did we also mention that the island is also home to some unique coral reefs and free-roaming cheeky monkeys that can be seen foraging for food?

3. Lazarus Island Beach

Image credit: GoodFreePhotos

This is probably the least-known beach paradise in Singapore — chances are that you might not even know that it exists!

Connected to St John’s island by a causeway, Lazarus island beach is a short 15-minute walk away from the beautiful St John’s island. Be greeted by the sight of pristine white beaches and the sound of the rolling waves crashing on the shoreline in peaceful harmony, as you take a quiet stroll down the beach.

There, you can also bask in your private suntan spot on the beach for the perfect summer beach-bod tan and enjoy the occasional sea breeze gently caressing your face.

Lazarus island beach is also a great picture spot, ideal for a wedding shoot or your next instagram feature post; its clean beaches and beautiful waters might even lead your friends and family into believing that it is a faraway beach destination in the Pacific.

So if your idea of a short weekend getaway is some laid-back and alone time by the beach (without being bitten by any sandflies), then you should definitely check out Lazarus island beach!

4. Beaches on Sisters’ Island

Image credit: Ria Tan

An offshore island in Singapore, Sisters’ island got its name from a mythical legend that alleged that these two islands — separated by a channel — are what’s left when two sisters tragically drowned after trying to escape from pirates together — a symbolic feature that attests to the inseparable bonds between the sisters.

Today, the island is a designated Marine Park because of its rich marine and aquatic biodiversity, including more than 250 different species of hard corals that can be found in Singapore waters.

Image credit: Ria Tan

You can similarly enjoy a quiet picnic by the beach or go swimming in the clear waters of the island. In fact, you might want to consider snorkelling so that you can get a glimpse of the trove of aquatic life beneath the surface of the water.

During periods of low tides, many of the marine life will be more visible and you can witness the diverse offerings of some of the most beautiful and vulnerable aquatic lifeforms on the island. From hard corals to seahorses and sea sponges, you will almost always see one of these few types of marine life when you are visiting the beaches on Sisters’ island!

5. Beaches on Kusu Island

Image credit: Aung Khaing

The name kusu means ‘tortoise’ or ‘turtle’ in Chinese. This unique island got its name because it was believed that a giant tortoise had turned itself into an island to save two shipwrecked sailors. Ever since, the turtle has been hailed as a heroic and sacred figure on the island, revered by many who have come across this tale.

Image credit: Pei Yan

Also known for its rich and diverse aquatic life population, Kusu island is home to some of the most delicate sea creatures, including both hard and soft corals, and other crustaceans and molluscs like clams, crabs and prawns. You might however, want to be more attentive and careful when you are exploring the marine life on Kusu island because you do not want to step on a sea urchin or one of the hard corals that litter the coastlines.

Do note that unlike St John’s island, Kusu island does not permit overnight camping activities. That being said, Kusu island still makes for a great place for a picnic by the beach or some splashing in the beach waters  — an idyllic experience for a short weekend getaway!

6. Pulau Ubin Beach

Image credit: Mike Cartmell

You might not find sparkling white beaches on Pulau Ubin, but nature lovers who enjoy the company of lush greenlands and abundant wildlife or just a good camping expedition will certainly want to make a trip to Pulau Ubin.

There are two beaches on Ubin, Mamam Beach and Noordin Beach. Noordin beach is now unfortunately closed because of severe shore erosion, leaving Mamam beach the only available beach for visiting.

A popular campsite on the island, Mamam beach is equipped with rudimentary facilities and amenities such as toilets and non-potable water points. Furthermore, with so many curious sites to explore around the island like Chek Jawa and abandoned quarries, camping is a great way to explore the quaint island at your own pace and comfort because you don’t have to cramp all there is to see in just one day.

So if you are looking for an intimate experience and encounter with nature by the sea, then a camping trip to the beaches of Pulau Ubin might just be what you are looking for!

7. Changi Beach

Image credit: Calvin Teo

Located in the eastern region of Singapore, Changi beach is said to be one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore — and one of the two remaining natural beaches in Singapore. Although it bears the infamous legacy of being one of the few execution sites of the Sook Ching Massacre, Changi beach is often appreciated for its unique and rustic kampung vibes and beautiful beach shorelines.

Image credit: National Parks Board

With about 20 barbecue pits located across the park along the sandy beaches, Changi beach is ideal for a picnic or barbecue session for a weekend family getaway! Furthermore, the beach is less crowded than its more-frequented counterparts at East Coast Park, which means that it is easier to find a private spot by the beach without being constantly subjected to the prying eyes of passersby or the cacophony of passing traffic.

You can also sometimes see people kayaking at Changi beach or just taking a swim in the waters to get a respite from the sweltering Singapore heat. So the next time you are thinking of a peaceful beach getaway in Singapore, you might want to consider heading to Changi beach for some of the most relaxing sea-views and charming beach landscapes!

8. Siloso Beach

Image credit: dronepicr

This is one of three major beach attractions in Sentosa! Touted as the hippest beach in Singapore all day round, you will find a host of themed bars and restaurants along Siloso beach that will complement your idyllic beach experience.

Image credit: Mokkie

A popular haunt for both tourists and locals, Siloso beach is often packed with visitors who can be seen indulging themselves on the beach, simply enjoying the company of fellow beach-goers!

Bask in the afternoon sun with a hearty picnic or enjoy a dip in the inviting waters of Siloso beach; or if you are feeling sporty, dive into a game of beach volleyball or Frisbee along the sandy beaches.

At night, the beach comes to life with parties, music and lively bars and other surprises, making it a complete beach experience that will be nothing short of a magical and exciting one!

9. Palawan Beach

Image credit: Zairon

Another popular beach attraction on the island of Sentosa, Palawan beach is a family-friendly beach destination that is located between Siloso beach and Tanjong beach.

Besides its pristine soft beaches and calming waters, a key feature of Palawan beach is the off-shore suspension bridge that will lead you to the Southernmost point of Asia. There, you can access a viewing tower and climb to the top to reach the vantage point of Sentosa and snap some great insta-worthy pictures of the beautiful island.

While this man-made beach may not be as large as the other beaches around, it may well be one of the best family beaches around in Singapore, adored by kids and adults alike!

10. Tanjong Beach

Image credit: Tdxiang

Probably the quietest and least-busy beach on Sentosa, Tanjong beach is an ideal place to unwind and relax, away from the concrete jungle of Singapore!

Be inspired by the tranquil atmosphere of Tanjong beach and read your favourite book or paint a picture. Or simply tan in the afternoon sun and laze your day away on the peaceful beach, and toast to a well-deserved break!

While there may not be as many activities happening on Tanjong beach as compared to the other beaches on Sentosa, the coastal views from Tanjong beach at night are said to be one of the best, with passing sea freight in the distant under the evening skies — a beautiful sight to behold.

11. Pasir Ris Beach

Image credit: National Parks Board

Did you know that ‘Pasir Ris translates to ‘beach bolt-rope’ in English, which actually implies a ‘narrow beach’? However, you will be pleased to know that Pasir Ris beach is nothing like that. In fact, you will be treated to the sight of vast expanses of sandy beaches that are adorned with swaying coconut palms, as you stand in the face of an occasional light seabreeze.

Pasir Ris park is also home to popular activities like cycling and skating. You can also always see rows of tents dotting the beach on weekends, attesting to the popularity of Pasir Ris beach as a common camping site for many. 

If you are lucky (or unlucky depending on how you see it), you might even spot a crocodile during your visit there because of the nearby mangrove swamps!

When you are there, you might also want to find yourself a cozy spot on the breakwaters and catch the evening sunset — it will probably be one of the most glorious and picturesque moments of your visit!

12. East Coast Beach

Image credit: Brian Evans

A popular beach option for families especially on weekends, East Coast Beach is a favourite weekend haunt for many who are looking to enjoy a short respite from their hectic daily routine.

With its coastline spanning almost 15-kilometres, you will almost always find many different groups of people engaged in a whole range of activities along East Coast Beach! From water sports like kayaking and canoeing to family-friendly activities like picnicking and sandcastle-building, there is something for everyone — young and old.

Image credit: BertholdD.

The stretch of beach closest to car park E2 (around the East Coast Lagoon) is a popular hangout because of its close proximity to food places like the East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

You might want to even consider making an overnight camping trip at East Coast beach because the experience of sleeping under the stars and waking up to a gorgeous sunrise will be some of the most rewarding and unforgettable moments of your time there!

13. Punggol Beach

Image credit: William Cho

Marked by rocks and small boulders scattered along the serene shoreline, the peaceful and quiet Punggol beach makes for a perfect evening stroll against the backdrop of the evening sunset.

However, beneath the peaceful front of quiet waves crashing on the shores of Punggol Beach lies an eerie backstory. A former execution site during the Sook Ching Massacre during the Japanese Occupation in 1942, Punggol beach is a chilling reminder of the tumultuous and dark history of Singapore during World War Two.

There are also designated walking trails and jogging paths in Punggol Point Park, where Punggol beach is situated within, where you can take a leisurely walk or jog and enjoy the calming sea views alongside the gentle seabreeze.

And before you even know it, we have already listed 13 different beaches around Singapore that you should visit, and the list definitely does not end there. Other notable mentions include Sembawang beach and Tanah Merah beach, which offer equally captivating and mesmerising sights and moments if you happen to be there!

So the next time you are thinking of visiting the beautiful beach paradise and islands of Phuket or Bali but don’t want to travel too far or have to spend too much money, then you might want to consider heading to one of these few beaches around Singapore! 

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