Travelling in Groups: 5 Reasons Why It's Not Always A Good Idea

Call Me Weird, But I Hate Travelling in Groups — Here’s Why!

You mean I paid over 600 dollars to do things I don’t want to do?! I think I'd rather stay at home.

For many, this may seem like a dream. Going on a trip with your best group of friends: so many endless possibilities of fun! But not to me. This most likely is due to the fact I’ve never been on a group trip which I have enjoyed and here’s a list of reasons why. 

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1. You take ages before even deciding on a destination

Trust me when I say that everyone does NOT have the same destination in mind. 

And don’t even get me started on deciding on the days to travel — especially so if you and your pals are working adults. Everyone has different work commitments and nobody is free on the same days. 

I’d give it minimally a month before you have all the dates and details decided. 

2. You have to wait for everyone to get ready before leaving the hotel

Some get ready in 10, while others like to oversleep and take two hours in the bathroom. Life’s no fun when you’re the early one.

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3. You’re bound to end up eating something you don’t like

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same palate or appetite as you. Some people are adamant about eating healthy, while others aren’t. When your travel buddies don’t eat the same food as you do or have different specific dietary restrictions, deciding on where to dine can admittedly become quite a nightmare.

4. Everyone has to unanimously agree to do an activity — and sometimes you all just can’t agree

You can’t escape it — everyone will ultimately have different ideas on what to do! It’s nobody’s fault we aren’t all mindless robots who want to do the same thing. 

5. So you’ll probably end up doing an activity you wouldn’t have done on your own accord

And you’re still paying for it. Send help. 

travelling in groups

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All jokes aside, I can totally understand why people would love to travel in groups. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s all about the company right? And the company of your best friends and the memories you create are priceless

Unfortunately, it’s just not my thing — and I probably won’t be heading on one anytime soon. But, hey, they do say never say never! Maybe in a couple of years time, you’ll find me on a group trip. And hopefully by then, I’ll be having fun. 

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