Calling All Cheese Lovers: There's A Cheese-Themed Hotel Room Opening in London 🧀

Calling All Cheese Lovers: There’s A Cheese-Themed Hotel Room Opening in London 🧀

Cafe Rouge brings a cheesy idea to life in more ways than one. We think it's grate!

Image credit: Cafe Rouge

How far are you willing to go for cheese? If you are still reeling from the effects of your hastily-put-together New Year’s resolution to stave off the guiltily indulgent food, it would be best you click off this article right now. Otherwise, the prospect of being surrounded by everything cheese sounds like a gouda idea to us!

The Cheese Suite was conceived by Cafe Rouge and Cuckooz homes to be the world’s first cheese-themed hotel located right in the heart of Camden, London’s home of all things fashionable. Designed to complement Cafe Rouge’s new menu, the converted apartment is an interesting take on the dairy snack.

The first thing you’d notice when you set foot into the very strongly thematic room is the bright yellow wallpaper with endless prints of cheese of all shapes and sizes – and the decor carries over to everything from the cushions, bedsheets, and even artwork. Cheese board games are up for pickings too, as are cheese boards, crackers, and a free flow of wine if you are feeling peckish. 

Pick up the phone to get even more fromage-based goodies, served straight to your room via the “cheese hotline”. And no, there’s just no escape from the yellow gooey treat when you head to the washroom, where cheese-shaped toiletries are all you’ve got!

Image credit: Cafe Rouge

The Cheese Suite will only be open for one week only in Camden town from the 29th of January to the 6th of February. As if having one room open for a oh-so-short week didn’t make it exclusive enough, the hotel will only be giving out the free stays to nine lucky winners of their competition. Anyone who can answer the right concoction of cheeses that make up their bechamel sauce is entered into the balloting, and it is only open to UK residents. 

Well, it ain’t no Hilton, but with its five star dedication to cheese, it could certainly rebrand itself as The Stilton!

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