Spain Will Plant Half a Million Trees Around Madrid to Lower Heat Levels

Spain Will Plant Half a Million Trees Around Madrid to Lower Heat Levels

A clean and green Spanish capital!

Ah, Madrid. Known for having numerous architectural styles and being the third-largest city in Europe. Not just that — it’s one of the greenest cities in Europe too. But the Spanish capital isn’t settling; in fact, it’s planning to plant half a million more trees around the city as we speak. They’re calling this forest ring the “green wall.”

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Madrid’s green wall

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According to Mariano Fuentes, the city councillor for Environment and Urban Development, they want to improve the air quality in the city to fight the “heat island” effect that the city is now experiencing. They expect the newly planted trees “to absorb the greenhouse emissions generated by the city and to connect all the existing forest masses,” Fuentes told Euronews. 

This project will involve planting half a million trees on a 46-mile perimeter around Madrid. Once they are fully grown, they’re expected to absorb an approximate of 175,000 tons of CO2 per year. According to Euronews, Madrid’s green wall will look like a forest of indigenous trees when finished, consisting of trees like black pine, beech, Spanish juniper, and various oak species. 

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Madrid’s green wall is reportedly part of a 360 approach that aims to make Spanish cities more environment-friendly beyond restricting private cars in urban centres. In Fuentes’ words, “It has to be a global strategy. It’s not only about cars but also a pedestrianization strategy, the creation of environmental corridors in every district. And most of all, to engage citizens in this new green culture.”

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Madrileños are indeed lucky to have a sea of green cradling their beloved city in the near future. With half a million more trees in Madrid, the Spanish capital will be a go-to European destination for a breath of fresh air. 

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