Travel Backpack Brands You Can Find in Singapore – Osprey, Deuter & More

Travel Backpack Brands You Can Find in Singapore – Osprey, Deuter & More

Finding a bag for your next backpacking adventure? Check out these brands in Singapore and where to find them. (yes, Queensway is not the only place!)

Gearing up for your backpacking adventure? A good travel backpack is essential. With all the options available in Singapore, from The North Face to Deuter, one can take hours or days to decide. Well, you don’t have to worry, because we’ve got you covered. Check out these brand recommendations and where to buy them, and you’re well on your way to finding the backpack of your dreams!

1. Osprey

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I can’t recommend this brand enough. It offers a huge range of light and sturdy backpacks to suit the needs of every backpacker. Osprey backpacks can also be adjusted to sit well on your body, so it doesn’t matter if you’re short or curvy. Take me for example. I’m a 1.53m girl, and the S/M sized Osprey Farpoint backpack fits me incredibly well. If you’re looking for a travel backpack (the front-loading ones), check out the Osprey Farpoint and Porter series. If you prefer hiking backpacks (the top-loading ones), check out the Osprey Aura series.

Where to find it: You can find the Osprey series at Sports Connection, found in Queensway Shopping Centre, Shaw Tower, and even Tampines Mall.

Recommended backpacks: Osprey Farpoint, Osprey Porter, Osprey Aura

2. Deuter

deuterImage credit: deuter

You might already be familiar with Deuter, and rightly so! This brand is one of the most commonly-known backpack brand – it’s got a huge range, from the normal daypack down to the travel backpacks. If you think that an Osprey backpack is a little too expensive for your wallet, Deuter might just be the one for you.

Where to find it: You can find Deuter bags at Cliffhanger Connection. Alternatively, you can check out Backpackers Gallery at Tiong Bahru.

Recommended: Deuter Transit 50, Deuter Aircontact series

3. Kelty

keltyImage credit: rmkoutdoors

If you’re the type to stuff your belongings in every nook and cranny you can find in your bag, this will be your bag. Most Kelty backpacks are top-loading, but they also come armed with bulging side pockets that you can chuck your stuff in when you feel like you’re in a pinch. It doesn’t hurt that it’s light and is able to distribute its weight evenly throughout your body, too.

Where to buy it: What better place to buy your travel essentials other than at Queensway Shopping Centre? Head to Bonkers Link on the second floor. You’ll find Kelty backpacks there.

Recommended: Kelty’s Redwing and Flyway series is highly recommended for its lightness, although you can also try out the Coyote 80 if you want something heftier, or the Catalyst 65 for a balance of both.

4. Quechua

Image credit: quechua

“I’m sorry, what?” I’m sure that’s what you thought when you came across this bag. Don’t let its anonymity fool you, though! It’s light, it’s breathable, and it’s cheap. When I say cheap, I mean cheap – you can easily get most Quechua backpacks for under $100 (and yes, they’re very long-lasting too!). Honestly guys, if that price tag hasn’t got you convinced, I’m not sure what will.

Where to buy it: Decathlon has all your Quechua needs. You can head to their stores in Bedok or Farrer Park, or get them online.

Recommended: The Quechua Forclaz series is your best bet for a balance between good quality and budget.

5. The North Face

the north faceImage credit: thenorthface

I’m sure that you guys are familiar with the massively popular The North Face! If not, here’s what you need to know – their backpacks are stylish, functional and waterproof, making them ideal for the outdoors. They’re packed with a bunch of useful compartments and pockets to stuff your things in, and they have specific backpacks for each sex, so score! Make sure to keep this brand in mind when you’re debating which backpack to buy.

Where to buy it: There are four The North Face shops in Singapore – one’s in Jurong East (Westgate), and the other three are located in town (ION Orchard, Paragon, Marina Square).

Recommended: There’s honestly too many to list, but if you’re looking for a sturdy backpack, you might want to take the Terra backpacks out for a spin.

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6. Cabin Zero

cabin zeroImage credit: Cabinzero

These backpacks may look cute and small, but they sure pack a punch. They have a capacity of 44L, and they’re carry-on compliant. Stuff it with as many things as you want – the dimensions won’t change, thanks to its sturdy structure. You won’t have to worry about its durability, because the military-spec nylon that characterises this bag ensures that it can take a beating.

Where to buy it: You can get them at any of The Planet Traveller shops, which are located at Marina Square, Paragon, and Changi Airport Terminal 3.

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Of course, these six brands aren’t the only ones out there – there’s Gregory and Marmot in the market. But if you’re happy with these options, do take some time to think about this. After all, your travel backpack will be your faithful travel partner, so you’ll need some careful consideration. Happy hunting!

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