10 Best Local Cafés in Cebu for Your Next Coffee Crawl

10 Best Cafés in Cebu for Your Next Coffee Crawl 

Treat your tastebuds to these irresistible cafes in Cebu!

The Philippines has a thriving coffee culture that is worth travelling for, and the province of Cebu is one of the best destinations to experience it. From dessert cafes to third wave coffee shops that roast their own beans, the finest cafes in Cebu deliver on high-quality brews, while also throwing in something new to keep you coming back for seconds. How do you feel, for instance, about sipping your coffee in the mountains? 

When comforting food is paired with coffee in a gorgeous environment, you know you’re in the right place. Finding your corner in these cafes in Cebu won’t be difficult, not with the cosy interiors and art-filled décor to keep you company. Sate your cravings and quench your thirst at these coffee shops in Cebu! 

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Where to stay in Cebu

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Top cafes to visit in Cebu

1. Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe

Hungry for breakfast food at any time of the day? You’ll feel right at home at the Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe, where you can indulge in a broad range of food on their menu, from breakfast staples such as the Triple Stack Buttermilk Pancakes and Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffles to main dishes such as the Beef Brisket & Kimchi Silog, which comes with poached egg served over kimchi fried rice

Meanwhile, their exciting mix of cold and hot beverages such as the Cafe Americano, Iced Kopi Jelly, and Mexican Hot Chocolate will feel like a warm and comforting hug to perk up your morning. 

Address: Unit F19, Axis Entertainment Avenue, N. Escario Street, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

2. Yolk: Coffee & Breakfast

Start your day strong at Yolk: Coffee & Breakfast, a third wave coffee shop and all-day breakfast cafe in Cebu rolled into one. Just as the cafe’s name implies, you can expect egg-based dishes like the Eggs Benny and Chorizo and Eggs in a Pan. However, they also serve hearty sandwiches and rice bowls to boost your energy and really kickstart your morning. 

On top of all that, the secluded location and cosy interiors make Yolk: Coffee & Breakfast the perfect hideaway to enjoy a cup of coffee. The world map on the wall will absolutely grab your attention, as will the comfy couches and charming ambience of the place.  

Address: 80 Tres Borces Street, Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 

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3. 10,000 Roses Cafe

Image credit: Pam Baroro

Probably the very definition of Instagram-worthy, 10,000 Roses Cafe attracts many visitors who want to check out the 10,000 artificial LED roses around the property. Roses that are about three-feet tall form an illuminated backdrop at night, brightening up their surroundings with their magical lights around 6pm. If you’re looking for cafes in Cebu with a romantic ambience, this one will make you feel as if it’s Valentine’s Day with every visit. 

Address: Day-as, Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

4. Dolce Cafe

Got a sweet tooth? Head to Dolce Cafe, where the decadent cakes and pastries will give you the sugar rush you’ve been looking for. Creative flair and a sincere love for desserts are on full display at this cafe, where you can order brownie cheesecakes, blueberry cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, revel bars, cake pops, and other light bites. 

Of course, when there’s dessert, you can also expect coffee. You can’t go wrong with the classic selections on the menu, where you’ll see your regular cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas. Alternatively, the Vanilla Oreo and Java Chip blends might also give you the jolt of sweetness that will brighten up your day!

Address: Nivel Hills, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

5. Purveyor Coffee

We’ll take any excuse to visit Purveyor Coffee, where the drinks on the menu are as calming as the minimalist and chill interiors. You simply can’t miss out on their signature Cold Brew (White, Brown, or Black), which uses coffee beans that have been sourced from Colombia. Upon tasting their excellent coffee, you’ll quickly understand why this cafe is such an important part of the third wave coffee scene in Cebu. 

Formerly located in Sampaguita Suites, Purveyor Coffee has announced that it will be taking a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will be moving to a new location soon. But fear not, coffee lovers! We’re sure the next branch of this well-loved cafe will be just as delightful and picturesque as the previous one. 

Address: Unit G-10 Ground Floor, 4J Building, Sampaguita Suites, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines (temporarily closed) 

6. Drip and Draft

Fuel up on great brews at Drip and Draft, which is a speciality coffee shop, independent roastery, and craft beer dispensary rolled into one. Here, the baristas roast their own coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Mt. Apo. Believe us, it shows in their high-quality blends. Additionally, they also sell travel-sized drip bags and other home brewing equipment for anyone who feels like trying out coffee recipes at home. 

Address: Streetscape, Paseo Saturnino, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

7. Cafe LiBrew

Have a “Librewtiful Life” at Cafe LiBrew, an all-day breakfast eatery and library cafe that’s as colourful as it is playful! Its name is a portmanteau of two words: “brew,” which pertains to the coffee; and “libro,” which is the Spanish and Filipino word for “book.” 

One of the most vibrant cafes in Cebu, it serves as a popular gathering spot where you can enjoy comforting meals, brewed coffee, smoothies, and bubble tea. Plus, there’s even a special corner where you can take photographs against a neon sign — straight out of a Pinterest mood board! 

Address: NorthStar Condominium, Potenciano Larrazabal Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

8. 21 Kilometers Coffee

Sipping coffee with a view of the mountains? Yes, please! Level up your brunch dates and coffee dates with 21 Kilometers Coffee, where an outdoor seating area ensures that you can enjoy your meals in the most breathtaking way possible. 

Aside from catching plenty of sunshine at this mountaintop cafe, you can order cakes, pastries, and breakfast meals — combined with refreshing fruit shakes and iced coffee to cool you down on summer days. Feel free to capture a few photos of your food as well. That is, if you can take your eyes off the amazing views! 

Address: Cantipla 1 Tabunan, Cebu City Cebu City Cantipla 1, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 

9. Bintana Coffee House

It always feels as if summer is just around the corner at Bintana Coffee House. This hole-in-the-wall cafe espouses manual-style coffee brewing techniques, which allow the baristas to make the most out of freshly roasted coffee beans. 

Situated in a quiet residential area, Bintana Coffee House is like finding a hidden gem in Cebu. It’s a coffee shop that allows you to get away from the fast-paced city life. Moreover, it comes with a windy seating area where you can dine alfresco and sip your coffee in peace. And if you notice the beautiful paintings on the walls, it’s because this homey cafe also doubles as a venue for artists to showcase their work. Really, what’s not to love? 

Address: 181-K Elizabeth Pond St, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 

10. Crate Cafe

Something about coffee shops in the great outdoors invites such a peaceful and serene energy. Another coffee shop with a mountain view, Crate Cafe lets you delight in cakes, pastries, and a cup of coffee while overlooking the city. This way, you can bask in the rustic ambience of dining under the trees, while feasting on carrot cakes, doughnuts, and choco butternut cupcakes to your heart’s desire. 

Address: Busay, Transcentral Highway, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines  

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Anywhere we go in the world, we’re always in the mood for coffee! If you enjoyed reading about cafes in Cebu, check out our round-ups of the best coffee shops in Tokyo, San Francisco, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, and Seoul as well. 

Featured image credit: Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafe | Official Instagram 

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