Why Australia is Really Just A Big, Creepy Wildlife Park

Why Australia is Really Just A Big, Creepy Wildlife Park

The wildlife in Australia should really just stay in Australia.

The other day, someone asked me what was on my bucket list of travel destinations. After firing off a few, including the Great Wall of China, Disneyland and New York, I realised how generic it all sounded. “Why not be more unique?” I asked myself. Perhaps you’re now asking yourself the very same question.

Well, everyone always says Australia offers something completely different. But I’m not talking about Australia’s commercialised city hubs of Sydney or Melbourne. No, I’m talking about the true Australia: The Outback. As a taster, take a look at the following pictures.

As a taster, take a look at the following pictures.

1. Have a seat. I dare you!

Image credit: imgur.com

2. With airfares nowadays, you can’t really blame her for hitching a ride.

Image credit: Reuters

3. It is a common misconception that Bruce Wayne was haunted by bats. In fact, they were actually these guys. Flyingfoxman just didn’t have the same ring to it.

australia wildlifeImage credit: Vermin Inc

4. As beloved and missed as Steve is, you have to admit he wasn’t altogether sane.

Image credit: MeanwhileInAustralia

5. You could’ve sworn your neighbour’s dog was smaller yesterday.

Image credit: MeanwhileInAustralia

6. This is definitely an effective endorsement of Toyota.

australia wildlifeImage credit: storyofsize

7. If you poke it with a needle will it make a “pop!” sound? Only one way to find out.

Image credit: media.murdoch.edu.au

8. This giant earthworm shouldn’t belong on this planet!

australia wildlifeImage credit: imgur.com

9. You’ll now think twice before making fun of how these guys look.

Image credit: amazingaustralia.com.au

10. Hey, that isn’t too bad. It could actually be quite a quirky tattoo design – if you ignore your quickly decreasing heart rate and excruciating agony, that is.

Image credit: abc.net.au

By the way, that’s a jellyfish sting you can find only in Australia. Free tattoos, anyone?

11. Imagine you’re snorkelling through the Great Barrier Reef, wondering if it could get any better, when lo and behold your foot brushes against a seemingly innocent piece of coral. Burning pain suddenly floods your senses. Yup, even the coral is trying to kill you.

Image credit: australianmuseum.net.au

PS. That’s a stonefish. Yeah, you’ve never seen that anywhere else.

12. The pain caused by the evil stonefish is so great that some victims have even asked for the stung limb to be amputated!

Image credit: keeweedoc.com

13. Don’t forget to pack your handy thermometer.

Image credit: imgur.com

So there you have it. The next time you’re planning a holiday, why not run outside the pack for a change? Of course, you may be eaten, lose a limb, be poisoned or possibly contract some life-threatening disease, but at least you can say you dared to try something different!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go book my tickets and be a daredevil. See you on the other side mate!

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