11 Hidden Gems Raring to be Uncovered in Brisbane!

Find Your ‘Perfect Next’ Getaway: 11 Hidden Gems Raring to be Uncovered in Brisbane

There's more to Queensland than the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast!

Image Credit: Brisbane City Council

The gateway to Queensland’s major tourist attractions, a mention of Brisbane will probably bring to mind the thrilling theme parks in Gold Coast or the pristine beaches of Sunshine Coast.

But that simply doesn’t do the city enough justice.

From conquering one of the world’s only 3 bridge climbs to diving down-under with manta rays and exploring local food markets well past sundown, this unassuming capital has so much more to offer. Here are 11 activities to get you started on plotting your perfect next adventure!

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1. Climb one of only 3 bridge climbs in the world

Opened in 1940, spanning 1,072 metres long and standing 74 metres off the ground at its highest, Story Bridge is no doubt an engineering feat. Now you can accomplish your own feat of bravery by scaling its height.

Climbs are conducted from dawn to dusk and climbers are treated to a full 360-degree panoramic view of Brisbane, from the Glass House Mountains, right down to the Scenic Rim.

For alternative views of the Brisbane skyline, opt for the Twilight Climb which starts your ascent at the end of the day. Take in unparalleled views of Brisbane’s sunset, and descend under the striking illuminations of the bridge’s multi-coloured lighting.

For the adrenaline junkies, try their Climb & Abseil package, where after climbing to the summit, you will abseil 30 metres into Captain Burke Park below!

2. Bask under the night sky

Every Friday night, step into the Cosmic Skydome of Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium and settle in its specially designed ‘360-degree theatre’.

As you recline in the plush seats of the Skydome, watch as official NASA visualisations are projected on the giant hemisphere above your heads through a visual and musical spectacle that is Bella Gaia.

On top of the main event, the show is accompanied by a Night Sky Tour. As the night sky is projected above your heads, marvel at the expanse of our universe as the host guides you to chart the constellations. Don’t let cloudy skies or bad weather stop you from enjoying a night of stargazing under the Australian sky!

3. Swim with the rays at Manta Bommie

While the waters around Brisbane are a common destination for divers and snorkellers alike, Manta Bommie remains one of Australia’s top ten dive sites, and for good reason. Just a little off from Brisbane’s North Stradbroke Island, this dive-spot teems with aquatic wildlife, from leopard sharks to turtles.

And of course, its namesake, the majestic manta ray, can be frequently spotted gliding through the blue in groups of three or four.

4. Hop aboard an actual steam train

Toot toot! The Workshops Rail Museum conducts Steam Train Sunday on selected Sundays of the month where patrons can board this historic steam train and choo choo chugga chugga chugga their way through the city.

At Roma Street station, board vintage carriages and travel past city stations and river crossings as you relive the grandeur of a bygone era. Children and adults alike are bound to be excited by the distinct sounds of this Australian relic.

5. Be personally greeted and looked after by locals

‘No one knows it like the locals.’ And this is exactly why Brisbane Greeter Tours exist.

Here, you’ll be part of small, highly personalised tours led by locals for exclusive, inside information on Brisbane! From covering all of the major attractions to exploring a side of Brisbane typically unbeknownst to tourists, the possibilities are endless!

Image credit: kgbo

Our recommendation? Request a Walter Taylor Bridge Tour with Brisbane Greeters on a Saturday morning to have an exclusive tour of the heritage-listed Walter Taylor Bridge!

6. Explore Brisbane’s very own Big Ben

Image Credit: Brisbane Marketing

Standing proudly at 92 metres tall, City Hall is the ‘People’s Place’ of the city and has served as a backdrop for numerous cultural, social and civic events.

The Museum of Brisbane (not to be confused with the Queensland Museum) conducts free tours up the tower every 15 minutes, where you will get the opportunity to indulge in a bird’s-eye view of the city, all the while learning about this historical building.

And yes, don’t worry, there’s an elevator.

Image Credit: Museum of Brisbane

Fun-fact:  For many decades, City Hall was heralded as Queensland’s tallest tower. This title now belongs to Q1, better known as Queensland Number One.

7. Broaden your horizons at every kind of museum

Where can you possibly get up close with life-sized whales, while being soothed by realistic whale songs in the middle of the city? In the Queensland Museum, of course!

With a diverse range of natural history and cultural exhibits, the Queensland Museum is also home to SparkLab, the new and improved Sciencentre experience.

Image Credit: SparkLab

Split into three zones, each zone boasts its own set of interactive stations of science, math, and everything in between that will create a spark in the youngest and oldest of minds!

With a myriad of interactive displays for kids and adults alike, there’s something for everybody. After all, you’re never too old to learn. What’s more, general admission is free!

Not had your fill of cultural knowledge? Visit The Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) between 24 November 2018 and 28 April 2019 for the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (Apt9).

Featuring over 80 artists from more than 30 countries, admire never-before-seen works of art from both emerging as well as veteran artists. This is definitely not an exhibit to be missed, especially since admission is free!

8. Navigate the labyrinth of laneways

Dive into one of Brisbane’s many laneways that are secret caverns to the city’s most undiscovered gems.

Burnett Lane is Brisbane’s oldest and most well-known laneway, with gems from your morning java to your late-night cocktail. While here, be sure to check out Felix or Brew, both excellent spots to quell your rumbling tummy.

Sitting somewhere along Ann Street in The Valley is Winn Lane, a laneway off a laneway. Forget your big brand names, you’ll only find pop-ups and boutiques like Sunday Social here. To avoid missing one of the city’s most elusive and exclusive events, your best bet is to check out their Facebook page before heading down.

Image credit: Fish Lane Precinct

If you have the time, visit other notable laneways such as Eagle Lane in Brisbane City, Bakery Lane in The Valley or Fish Lane – a hub alive with vivid street-art and home to favourites like Julius Pizzeria, Hello Please and Maker!

9. Treat your taste buds to an explosion of flavours

Image Credit: Brisbane Marketing

What better way to cool down from the summer heat than with a scoop of ice-cream? Opened by Ben Ungermann, the runner-up of Masterchef 2017, Ungermann Brothers ice-cream parlour serves a wide array of flavours, all created on-site with locally-sourced and organic ingredients.

Image Credit: Brisbane Marketing

Try seasonal special like Pumpkin Spice, or delight your taste buds with adventurous flavours like Salted Caramel, Bacon & Pecans and Roasted Garlic. But don’t worry, crowd favourites like Vanilla Bean are still on the menu!

Image Credit: Eat Street Northshore

If you haven’t got a sweet tooth, not to worry! Get lost in the maze of food stations at Eat Street Northshore, a container food park, each with their own specialties. In its essence, Eat Street Northshore is a celebration of food from all over the world.

Navigate over 70 vendors to sample every taste under the sun – from succulent oysters to pizza and paella, to dozens of Asian delights, including a variety of halal stalls.

Image Credit: Eat Street Northshore

Open every weekend, Eat Street Northshore is the perfect place for dinner, supper and anything in between. Lookout for the schedule of performances, including live musical acts from local bands, providing your dinner entertainment as you binge from stall to stall!

10. Seek out Brisbane’s most elusive bars

Image Credit: Must-do Brisbane

Good luck finding vague locations like ‘Jack Rabbits’ and ‘The Cloakroom’ in Google Maps. Allow us to help you out: Jack Rabbits is in Woolloongabba while The Cloakroom is in Brisbane City. No more hints though, half the fun is locating them yourself!

Image Credit: Must-do Brisbane

If you do manage to find your way to Jack Rabbits, you’ll be transported back to the flapper era with its oriental rugs and vintage furniture. Enjoy smooth jazz as you nurse your drink over the bar, marvelling at the impressive range of quality drops. Whiskey lovers are sure to be spoilt for choice with the huge spread of liquid gold from all over the world.

Image Credit: The Cloakroom

The Cloakroom is just as, if not even more elusive, than the former. Not only are there no drink menus available but you’ll have to make it past a mini “interrogation” before you will be served with your specially handcrafted drink.

11. Enjoy a cocktail under a sky full of stars

Image credit: Marriott

W Hotel Brisbane boasts one of the most amazing rooftop bars in the city, dubbed the WET Deck. Enjoy bespoke cocktails between relaxing dips in the pool and lounging on stylish sun lounges – all the while enjoying exceptional views of the Brisbane skyline.

Image Credit: Brisbane Marketing

Located right next to Brisbane’s City Hall, the Sixteen Antlers rooftop bar is the epitome of sophistication. Their seasonal tapas are made from local produce and will complement your bespoke drink over hearty conversations.

Image Credit: Emporium Hotels

Southbank’s one and only rooftop bar, The Terrace, is located in Emporium Hotel and offers panoramic views of the Brisbane River. Enjoy its luxurious selection of cocktails in the evening, or simply visit in the morning for a hearty breakfast spread!

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