Shiok Times in Australia for the Whole Family

Shiok Times in Australia for the Whole Family

There's no better place to bond with your family!

Needing another SHIOK HOLIDAY for the whole family? Why not Australia? June screams thriving wildlife, stunning landscapes, and awesome weather! Plus point: the country isn’t too far away, and is full of amazing kid-friendly spots that are both fun and educational for your little ones. What else are you waiting for, mate? It’s time to go down under!

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1. Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort, Gold Coast

australia kid friendly family spots

Situated at the metropolitan region south of Brisbane, Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations. While you are there, make sure to pay a visit to Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort! Stand along the shores at sunset and grab the rare chance to teach your kids how to feed these friendly and intelligent wild mammals when they swim up close. Get to know each of their names and observe their fascinating behaviours. Who knows, you might even form a unique bond with one of them! Take a step further and bring your kids on a whale watching cruise. The spectacular sights of these mighty mammals will definitely astound and thrill your little ones – it will be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime!

2. Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Adelaide

Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Adelaide  Image credit: Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble

Did you know that there are approximately 34.3 million kangaroos residing in Australia? These beautiful creatures are the national symbols of Australia and loved all over the world. Make a trip to Kangaroo Island, a wildlife sanctuary situated off the mainland of South Australia, just a stone’s throw from Adelaide. There are plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained on this vacation.

australia spots kids Image credit: caccamo

Let them get up close and personal with countless adorable and tame animals at Paul’s Place Wildlife Sanctuary, before taking a guided walk along Seals Bay Beach to see rows of sea lions lazing under the sun. Do not miss spending a day at Vivonne Bay! Voted as Australia’s best beach, its white powdery sands and clear turquoise waters will take your breath away. Also visit Flinders Chase National Park, where you can stroll along a boardwalk with your kids and admire and climb the Remarkable Rocks. It will be a fun and great learning experience for them to remember for years to come!

3. White Water Rafting, Tully River

White Water Rafting, Tully River

Cairns is a popular beach resort town in Queensland, with a variety of fun water activities to keep the kids busy. For families with older children, you can consider a more exciting water activity – white water rafting at Tully River. Listen to your kids’ contagious laughter as the boat sails on the frothy waves and rushes down the rapids! Trust the instructor that he will make the ride fun-filled and safe for the little ones. You will not regret turning this exciting adventure from a dream into reality for you and your family!

4. Rottnest Island, Perth

Rottnest Island, Perth Image credit: Barney Moss

Situated only a short 5.5 hour flight away from Singapore, Perth can be a fun and relaxing family holiday destination for all. While you are in Western Australia, grab the opportunity to visit Rottnest Island on a day trip. Over here, you will be able to find the most adorable quokkas welcoming you with their smiles. This is also the primary home of these furry little critters, and there are more than 10,000 of them here – you will not find that many anywhere else!

australia kid friendly spots Image credit: Carissa Rogers

Head out to Little Salmon Bay beach to take a refreshing dip with the little ones. This beautiful island is also the perfect place to snorkel and dive. So charge your cameras and take lots of selfies! Trust us when we say it will be great fun for the kids and the whole family to enjoy!

5. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, Sydney

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, Sydney

Sydney is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in Australia and is a family-friendly destination to boot. Take your kids to the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium by the Darling Harbour and have a whale of a time. Home to the world’s largest of variety of sharks and rays, visitors can also find Australia’s most iconic marine wildlife here, such as penguins, dugongs and platypuses. Observe your little ones gape at the swimming animals through the gigantic glass viewing tunnels in wide-eyed wonder, and teach them a thing or two about some facts of the deep blue sea. To make things more exciting, you can take them to feed some fish on a Glass Bottom Boat ride and admire the beautiful Great Barrier Reef exhibit!

6. Mowbray Park Farm Stay, New South Wales

Mowbray Park Farm Stay, New South Wales Image credit: {just jennifer}

For a uniquely-Australian experience, take your kids on a Mowbray Park Farm Stay experience! It will be a novel experience for the little ones, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for the very first time and stay in the peaceful suburbs. Rise and shine every morning and live life like the farmers do. Let the kids milk a cow, collect freshly laid eggs and feed the farm animals for the very first time – they will even get to ride a pony afterwards. Before you leave, do remember to complete your farming experience with a tractor ride! Everyone gets to learn something, and it sounds like so much fun, ain’t it?

7. Stockton Sand Dunes, Port Stephens

Stockton Sand Dunes, Port Stephens Image credit: Namastê… ॐ

Engage in some family bonding activities at Stockton Sand Dunes in Port Stephens! As you take in the sheer size of the sand dunes, grab a sand board, and knock yourself out with the kids! Run all the way to the top and surf down the soft white sand down like a pro. Watch your kids sandboard down over and over again, screaming with glee. They will love it so much here, and it is a great form of exercise too!

australia family spots

While you are at Port Stephens, grab the opportunity for your family to go on a camel ride too! Everyone will get to enjoy the vastness of the sand dunes, and it is a unique experience that one will not get from living in the city! Tell your kids that they are going on a Sahara Desert adventure, and enjoy the ride.

8. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Tasmania

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Tasmania Image credit: Julia Kofender

While you are in Australia, you will get the chance to see many strange animals that are not found anywhere else in the world. Due to the remoteness of Tasmania, it tops the list as the best place in Australia to see its indigenous wildlife. If your kids are fans of Looney Tunes, fill their hopes high and take them to visit a real Tasmanian Devil in Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Although the actual animal looks nothing like the beloved cartoon character, it will be an entertaining experience for all. Over here, you will also be able to spot many other native animals, such as wallabies, wombats, Echidnas and more. Your kids will be experts in identifying different Australian animal species after this!

9. Kakadu National Park, Darwin

Kakadu National Park, Darwin

What is a trip to Australia without seeing its amazing wildlife? Pay a visit to a variety of national parks located in the Northern Territory, and spot the countless different species of plants and animals. From ferocious crocodiles and Flatback turtles to hundreds of colorful birds, your kids will definitely be screaming for more! Find yourself at Cahill’s Crossing to spot a swarm of crocodiles in the river crossing from Kakadu into Arnhem Land. Protect your little ones, and stay clear of the water’s edge. You wouldn’t want anyone to lose a limb here!

Within the park, take the opportunity to bring your kids to a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Ubirr and Nourlangie. Over here, you will find well preserved ancient rock paintings up to 20000 years old. From naturalistic paintings of animals to human figures, it reflects the old ways of Aboriginal culture and early contact with European people. This form of artistic expression is one of a kind that you will not find it anywhere else, so it is definitely a spot not to miss!

Australia is a great destination for families, and it is the nearest non-Asian country from Singapore!

With an opportunity to get away from the heat and to experience so many amazing sights and activities, what else are you waiting for? Your kids will thank you later!

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