Drunk Australian Rugby Players Damage Olympic Room, AR to Pay For It

Drunk Australian Rugby Players Damage Olympic Room, Tokyo to Be Repaid

Yikes, that was unnecessary!

While we’ve heard a lot about Olympians graciously accepting defeat during Tokyo 2020, some athletes have a harder time bowing out… or they celebrate the end of their run too vigorously. The most recent example would have to be the Australian Rugby players who got drunk in the Olympic Village after losing in the Rugby Sevens quarter-finals to Fiji, 19-0. 

Whether they got drunk out of bitterness or happiness, we’ll never be sure. But one thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that they punched holes through the walls and destroyed their beds from drunken stupors before they flew back to Australia. 

Drunk Australian rugby players cause a ruckus

It was also reported that some Australian rugby players (as well as rowers) were still drunk on their flight home via Japan Airlines and disobeyed cabin crew. Upon notice, Rugby Australia (RA) investigated the events during the flight and also the room damage in the Olympic Village.

“The investigation found that a number of members of the team were drinking excessive amounts of alcohol on JAL 51, while also being disruptive to cabin crew and other passengers onboard the flight,” RA said in a statement on 5 Aug 2021, Thursday.

Since then, Rugby Australia has apologised for the behaviour of their players and promised to pay for the room damages, as well as to send some of their athletes to counselling.

In a statement, RA Chief Executive Andy Marinos said, “This behaviour is entirely unacceptable and not befitting any athlete who represents Australia or aspires to do so. Whilst we acknowledge the disappointment experienced through their Olympic campaign as well as the challenging environment all athletes have had to deal with since the start of the pandemic, this is not an excuse for this behaviour.”

“Certain team members will also undergo education and counselling sessions regarding behaviour and alcohol consumption,” added the RA in a statement. 

The Australian rugby players have reportedly been reprimanded about their conduct as well. “Rugby Australia has a zero-tolerance approach towards poor behaviour and expects the highest standards of conduct at all times. It is without doubt that this will have a bearing on how we look at the sevens environment going forward,” said Chief Executive Marinos. 

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So let this be a lesson to all athletes out there, especially Olympians who are still staying at the Olympic Village. When celebrating victory or mourning defeat, watch out for excessive alcohol consumption!

Featured image credit (L-R): Alex Smith | Unsplash; aussie7s | Official Instagram Page

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