48 Hours in Hobart, Tasmania: What to See and Things to Do

A Weekend Getaway Around Hobart, Tasmania

If you only have 2D1N in Hobart, Tasmania, here's what to see and do!

Ever dreamt of a weekend getaway to some place where you can unwind, de-stress, and be surrounded by pure nature? Hobart, Tasmania can be your next destination!

Tasmania is the island state of Australia, where Hobart is its capital city, and it is accessible via a flight from the major cities in Australia including Melbourne and Sydney. It is a gorgeous little town nestled between the River Derwent and Mount Wellington; here are some places you can visit during your weekend getaway around Hobart to relax and unwind!

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington is a visible landmark to Southern Tasmania. Named Kunanyi by the local Aboriginal people, it rises 1270m high and provides shelter to the city.

Take a 30-40 minute drive from the CBD along the narrow winding mountain road up to the summit for the breath-taking view of Hobart. The road is known as “Pinnacle Drive” and can be closed any time of the year depending on the weather and road condition, hence do check the traffic before heading out. There is ample parking near the summit, so take your time and relax while enjoying the panoramic view.

The Pinnacle Drive to the summit

The lower part of the mountain is covered by thick forest, threaded with tracks and trails. It is an absolute favourite place for biking, hiking, and bushwalking! If you are up for a challenge, you can bike up 11.2km of steep, rough road which passes The Spring, the Chalet and the Organ Pipes to conquer the summit, with plenty opportunities for spectacular scenery.

The top of Mt Wellington is usually snow-capped all year round; with the brisk icy wind blowing, it can get quite cold up there! There is a sheltered lookout where you can have a splendid view of Hobart, and a glimpse of the protected World Heritage Area to the West. Loads of rocks to be explored, and there are several walking tracks that are family-friendly.

Breathtaking views from the summit

The world is under your feet!

If you enjoy star gazing, the summit of Mt Wellington is also a great place to catch the Milky Way showing off its wonder at night.

Salamanca Place

Definitely do not miss the lively Salamanca Market that unfolds along the street of Salamanca Place every Saturday morning starting from 8.30am. With more than 300 stalls selling craft, second-hand clothes and books, antiques, local food, and fresh organic farm products, you will find yourself a piece of unique Tasmanian experience to bring back home.

Image credit: Michael 

In the background lies a row of historic sandstone warehouses which features Australian colonial architecture, dated back to the 1830s. Once a commerce and trading hub of Hobart, Salamanca Place today is filled with a handful of retro cafes, bakery, restaurants and bars. Find yourself a place at the café, and enjoy a coffee as the sun burns off the early morning fog.

Café at Salamanca Place

Bruny Island

Another island lies within the Tasman sea, Bruny Island is home to the beautiful South Bruny National Park, which is heavily timbered and full of open bays and wilderness. An easy 40 min drive from Hobart, it is connected to the mainland via the Bruny Island Ferry, which runs daily from 6.30am to 7pm.

Join a 3-hour cruise from the Adventure Bay, to feel the rough waves at the junction of the Tasman Sea and the Southern sea, see some of Australia’s highest sea cliffs soaring into the sky, and travel deep into the mysterious sea caves.

Explore the incredible coastline of Bruny Island filled with abundant wilderness, where you can also discover the world smallest penguin, Little Penguins, seals, seabirds, dolphins, and even migrating whales if you’re in luck!

Exploring the wilderness

Tuck into a hearty meal with delicious seafood like scallops, abalone, lobsters, and fresh prawns at a super affordable price! We have to mention the fresh oysters at Get Shucked Oyster Farm at the Great Bay, a must-go for all oyster lovers! For just AUD$13, you will get a dozen juicy oysters freshly harvested from the farm – a true indulgence. Drop by the Bruny Island Cheese Co. nearby, grab a seat in the sun and treat yourself with some delicious cheesy sandwiches, handcrafted beer and wine for a leisure afternoon break.  

Bruny Island is truly a food paradise!

Don’t forget to stop at “The Neck” which connects the North and South Bruny Island. Climb up to the Truganini Lookout for a panoramic view of the island’s stunning coastline.

Panoramic view of the North and South Bruny Island at The Neck

Port Arthur

Listed as a World Heritage Site, Port Arthur is an open-air museum located at the Tasman Peninsula, about 90 mins drive from Hobart. On your way there, take your time to explore the scenic coastline of the Peninsula – make a stop at the lookout at the Tasman Arch and the Devils Kitchen, which are renowned for their unique geological features formed by thousands of years of continuous erosion of the siltstones cliffs.  

weekend getaway in tasmania

Image credit: Steven Mclellan

Port Arthur has a long history – it was a penal settlement dating back to the 1830s, and its last convict was left in the 1880s. Since then, Port Arthur has evolved to become one of the best conserved and most important historic sites in Australia. Visit the landmarks like the Penitentiary, the Separate Prison, and the Convict Church to learn more about the history of the Australia’s colonial history. Many guided tours are organised by the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority which run throughout the day, where you can hear the vivid story of Port Arthur.

weekend getaway in tasmania

Image credit: Marie Matthews

Up for a challenge? As the night falls, join the 90 min lantern-lit Ghost Tour while walking around the infamous grounds in the ruins. Many paranormal activities have been documented in Port Arthur since 1870, as more than 1000 people died while serving their sentences in the prisons.   

If you want to go a little further….

Wineglass Bay

Strictly speaking, Wineglass Bay is nowhere near Hobart, but its exquisite beauty is totally worth the 2.5-hour drive from Hobart! Situated in the Freycinet National Park, Wineglass Bay is one of the top ten beaches in the world, where the white curving crescent of white sand meets the turquoise sea, makes it a living postcard.

weekend getaway in tasmania

Follow the trails, which is of average difficulty, to the lookout. Be mesmerised by the stunning view overlooking the magical scenery of Wineglass Bay. Absorb the peace and unwind after the hike at the lookout, and if you are keen, follow the steps down to the Bay. With an impressive stretch of powdery white sand and crystal clear water, it is like a piece of paradise on earth. Drop by Honeymoon Bay nearby and dip into the sparkling waters with calm waves.

weekend getaway in tasmania

Sparkling clear water at Honeymoon Bay

On your way back to Hobart, do consider dropping by a small café called the Pondering Frog, and indulge in their famous handcrafted ice-cream after a long day. Or, make a quick stop at the Devil’s Corner Cellar Door for some fresh oysters to accompany their award-winning wines, while being surrounded by the breathtaking views of the Hazards and the Freycinet Peninsula – A perfect way to end your trip!

weekend getaway in tasmania

Famous handcrafted ice cream from Pondering Frog

weekend getaway in tasmania

Fresh Oysters, great wine, and amazing views at Devil’s Corner Cellar Door

With travel gradually resuming and with Australia now added to Singapore’s VTL scheme, why not take this opportunity to plan for an adventure to Hobart? Then, once the destination opens, you can embark on an unforgettable trip immediately! 

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