8 Golden Rules For Surviving A Girlfriend Vacation (Every Girl Should Know)

8 Golden Rules For Surviving A Girlfriend Vacation (Every Girl Should Know)

If you are looking forward to a fun and hate-free girlfriend trip, here are some (unspoken) rules that you absolutely NEED to follow.

So you are going on a vacation with your bffs soon, great. If you are looking forward to a fun and hate-free girlfriend trip, here are some (unspoken) rules that you absolutely NEED to follow. You’ll see why.

(If you have not been invited to a girlfriend getaway for some time…well, read on and you might find out why.)

Rule #1: Never mention about DIET.

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What is a vacation without good food? Do not get in the way between the girls and the sinful savouries, do not count daily calorie intake and most importantly, do not make your girlfriends feel guilty by dieting alone during the vacation (we all have that friend, don’t we?). Just relax and eat as you like for a few days. The diet can wait, for sure.

Rule #2: Be an honest and reliable shopping companion.

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A trustworthy shopping buddy is the one who would stop you from buying that awful dress on sale and make sure you do not splurge on unnecessary items. One way to keep your girlfriend’s shopping budget in check is to be honest with her – just remember to avoid being too straightforward (‘you look FAT in this’ is definitely a no-no), you can always rephrase to sound less mean and more genuine (how about ‘you’ll look better in other clothes’?).

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Rule #3: Hands off, picture first!

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Even after 1 hour and 35 minutes of queueing up, 23 minutes of staring at the menu, 34 minutes of taking picturessssssssssssssssssssssssss around the cafe (and still counting), you must put aside your dying hunger for your besties to take the perfect picture. Not a big deal, you love taking Instagrammable pictures and snapchat everything too, don’t you?

Rule #4: Make sure your girlfriend looks gorgeous in the picture.

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Or at least decent. Try to make her look slimmer, taller, fairer, fancier and further away from reality(?) so that she would do the same to you (uh-huh that’s the point). Be patient, learn to take pictures from the right angle and have tonnes of photo editing apps available in your phone for the ‘final’ touch-up (which usually takes no less than 15 minutes to decide on the filter despite hashtagging #nofilter…).

One more IMPORTANT note: unglam pictures of your girlfriends should be kept within the group chat, DO NOT post on social media unless they all agree, I repeat, do not.

Rule #5: The girl with the smallest face is always responsible for holding the camera when taking a wefie.

Image credit: Michael Krigsman

Needless to say, this is CRUCIAL. Meaning no offense to girls with wider cheekbones though.

Rule #6: Unified face expressions when taking group photo.

Image credit: Gordon

Bffs do everything together, especially when posing in front of the camera. We smile together, we wink together and we certainly put on our horrifying, totally charmLESS faces together. Don’t you dare to be different girl…*stare*

Rule #7: Make sure you follow the theme but do not overdress.

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However, underdressing seems to be perfectly acceptable. The only way you can be different without getting much hatred from the other girls.

Rule #8: Instead of complaining, try gossiping (about others).

Rule of thumb for group vacation in general (regardless of gender), DO NOT COMPLAIN especially if you are not the trip planner (they have gone through so much pain to make the trip happen so let’s be grateful, shall we?).

While gossiping is a great way to forge and maintain friendship among girls (no?), just make sure the ones that you are bad mouthing are not around because you never want to mess up with the wrong girls. Trust me.

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So there you have it, 8 golden rules for surviving a girlfriend vacation. You don’t have to learn these the hard way because I did (ouch), so do spread the words to your girls for a truly enjoyable trip together! XOXO

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