Why People Hate to Travel

Why People Hate to Travel

Why on earth would people hate to travel?

There are two types of people in the world — those who love to travel, and those who don’t. I’m more of the former. I mean, who doesn’t want to travel? If you’re wondering why on earth would people hate to travel, I can give you at least ten reasons.

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1. Packing is such a hassle

reasons people hate travel

So many people dread the thought of having to put so much effort into packing light and making sure they do not go over the baggage allowance. Some even run to the grocery to get some last-minute toiletries. Packing, for some, is quite a chore.

Why I love it: I have a thing for planning and preparing for trips. I love organising my itinerary, I love making lists for things I have to prepare before a trip, and best of all, I love checking things off my lists. It makes me feel accomplished. I know, geek much?

2. The destination is not at all worth it

What’s to see in a temple? What makes this street so interesting? Ugh, the place is polluted! These are the kinds of complaints you’ll say when you travel to not-so-convenient destinations. You’ll think that hopping on that plane would not be worth it.

Why I love it: All destinations are worth it. Yeah, sure, you’ll have some setbacks. You might get ripped off like I did in a couple of trips, and the sights might not have the wow factor that’s fit to your standard. But hey, it’s all about appreciation.

3. It’s such a waste of money

I know lots of people who dislike travelling because they’re already thinking of potential expenses. I hear excuses like I don’t have enough, the tickets are too expensive, blah blah blah. I can’t blame them because it is partly true. Travelling will require you to spend a good amount of moolah.

Why I love it: Money spent on travelling is always money well-spent for me. I don’t regret going to places I’ve never been to or even revisiting places that I’ve come to see. I usually only feel bad about spending money when I splurge on shopping. Apart from that, money should not be an issue because I know I’ve worked hard to earn it, and I deserve a vacation! Why do I sound so defensive right now?

4. The weather is so different from back home

People hate to travel because they’re so afraid to get out of their comfort zones. Weather is definitely a make or break when it comes to deciding which place to go next, and I can totally understand why.

Why I love it: I like the idea of experiencing different weathers and climates. Where I live, it’s either we have a humid hot day or a rainy day. I would love to see snow or see leaves change colours.

5. The food sucks

Guilty! The only thing that really puts me off when I travel is whether or not I will like the food. I love eating but I usually stick to what I’ve already tried. I’m sometimes afraid to not get my money’s worth when buying food that I might not end up liking.

Why I love it: Despite my discomfort, I am always game to trying out new dishes especially if I’m in another country. Food is an integral part of a nation’s culture and if you won’t get to taste it, you’re missing a lot!

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6. Adjusting to a different culture is a pain

Some people are just plain stubborn. When we travel, we have to think about the local customs. We will be aliens in their lands and it’s something we should respect. Some people hate to travel because they’d have to adjust to others’ cultures. These are the people who don’t want to step out of their comfort zones.

Why I love it: I have an interest in culture especially religion. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a very religious person but the history of spirituality brings out my curiousity. I love having to blend in with locals and share their customs. That’s the best way to travel.

7. I don’t like meeting new people

Guilty! Again. Like me, some people are not good at small talks and first impressions. I am not so comfortable with getting to know other people, mingling with them and separating from my travel companions, I know #clingy.

Why I love it: This is very contradicting. But when I get over the first stage of meet and greet, I am pretty much open to new friendships.

8. And I hate crowds

Huge crowds are terrible. The lines are long, the air is hot, there’s plenty of trash and so many other things. We’ll be elbow to elbow with sweaty people whom we do not know. This usually happens in common touristy areas for obvious reasons.

Why I love it: Okay I don’t “love” it but crowds aren’t that bad. You get to feel the energy of the people around and you can meet new people too!

9. Delayed and cancelled flights are the worst

No one likes unforeseen flight changes. They are the worst! After all the hard work of planning for the trip, your itinerary will be disrupted because of a single delayed or cancelled flight. It’s such a bummer.

Why I love it: It’s a true test of patience. Haha! I know this might seem like I’m making some excuses. I hate waiting too, but if you ever plan your trip, make sure you reserve an allowance just in case things go wrong.

10. It’s always a sad goodbye

We go to the perfect place, have a blast on an amazing trip, but we have to leave and say goodbye. We’ll go back to our daily boring lives. Everybody hates this part, myself included. #sepanx

Why I love it: As much as I love travelling, I love the idea of leaving and going back home. Travelling makes me feel inspired. After a great trip, I come back home feeling energised and full of ideas. I feel less stressed than I was before I left. #TrueStory

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So, which of these can you relate to? Do you hate to travel like other people? Or do you love it as much as I do?

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