5 Instagram Worthy Walls in Singapore that Have More Meaning Than You Think

5 Instagram Worthy Walls in Singapore that Have More Meaning Than You Think

Bored of all the grey walls and metallic structures in Singapore? Discover another side of the country you’ve never seen before! Apart from being perfect Insta-worthy backdrops for your next photoshoot, these murals at Haji Lane and Little India ArtWalk express Singaporean culture too.

When you hear ‘Singapore’, what do you think of?

For many people, their first instinct veers towards a bustling, metropolitan city. They picture a cityscape saturated with skyscrapers, steel structures and glass windows. The general impression is that the country is cold, hostile and lacking creativity. However, there are actually many nooks and crannies that reflect the true heart of Singaporean culture, and showcase the vibrancy and colour of the nation.

While acts of graffiti are considered illegal without permission, the authorities do permit certain artistic expressions in public. Be it in touristy-locations like Haji Lane and Little India, or heartland areas such as Tiong Bahru and Waterloo, there are in fact many places to discover these creative pieces.

If you want to experience Singapore in a different light, and take some unique, Instagram-worthy photos, these are some of the places that you have to check out!

1. Haji Lane

For the uninitiated, Haji Lane is the place to turn to for all things hipster and eclectic. An enclave in Kampong Glam, this region once provided shelter to poor Malay families and lodging to pilgrims on their journey to Mecca. Till this day, the place remains home to the Malay Heritage Centre and many Middle Eastern eateries and boutiques. These stalls stay true to their unique identities, and showcase them through their quaint furnishings. Keeping in line with the distinct flavour of the place, the walls outside the shops are also effervescently decorated with colours and paintings. At every turn of the head, you will be treated to a new mural that will send your visual senses into overdrive.

Image Credit: helenedancer (left), lohasteru (right)

With the great variety of quirky backdrops to choose from, this place is a hot favourite for photography, or Instagram buffs to snap their next shot! Whether it is a posed #ootd or just a candid shot of you walking along the alleys, having these dynamic backgrounds are sure to make your picture that much more exciting. To take full advantage of these colourful walls, you should dress in a more monochromatic ensemble to really pop in the photo! Furthermore, come at off-peak hours in the morning to avoid other photobombers.


Image Credit: Scape

Another place to catch a glimpse of the flamboyant and spirited side of Singapore is *SCAPE. A youth-oriented hangout, this place celebrates diversity and is a safe space for all sorts of different artistic expressions. They have partnered with the National Arts Council to promote street art, and the place has been sanctioned to allow for artists to decorate the walls with graffiti. *SCAPE bursts with vibrancy and creative energy, and is perfect for appreciating the local street art culture.

Since the walls are free for all to decorate, there is a constant renewal of street art and graffiti. The ever-changing backdrops means that there will always be novel opportunities for your next Instagram-worthy photoshoot! Come dressed in the trendiest clothing and pose like the cool kid you are – the likes will come flooding in for sure.

3. Esplanade MRT station

Image Credit: Geoff Wheelan

I know what you’re thinking – what could possibly be Instagram worthy at an MRT station? With developments in the underground rail system, efforts have also been made to beautify the newer stations with various art works. Admittedly, not everything is suitable for the ‘gram. Still, this monochromatic piece at the Esplanade MRT station is one to watch out for. Labelled ‘A Piece of Ice-Clear Heart’, this intricate piece by Lim Mu Hue features a collage of seven woodblock prints. They showcase various traditional cultural performances, such as shadow puppetry and Teochew opera. This depiction of different art forms is emblematic of how the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay seeks to promote art and culture, and how fundamental it is in Singapore.

To capture a snapshot of this meaningful and aesthetically pleasing wall, make sure that you and your photographer are well prepared. Position the camera, plan your poses, then get on that escalator! Timing is everything. The element of motion also adds another dimension to your photo, and you could even take a boomerang here.  

4. Little India ArtWalk

Image Credit: Roots.sg

In 2015, Laselle and the Singapore Tourism Board collaborated to launch Artwalk Little India. Through this venture, various artists were commissioned to decorate the area with art pieces that showcased the history, tradition and culture of Little India. Over the years, this tradition has persisted and new murals are painted on different walls in the region. This particular piece was painted by local artist Psyfool in 2016, and is one of the largest in the project. It depicts the traditional trades that were commonly practiced by early Indian settlers, and features parrot astrologers, washermen and traders. The huge backdrop and different components provide plenty of opportunities for you to get creative with your poses.

Head on down to Little India to check out the older murals, as well as this year’s newest additions. Each one of them plays a part in sharing more about Little India’s history, and promises a unique Instagram photo-shoot experience.

5. Tiong Bahru and Everton Road

Image Credit: YipYC.com

In recent years, the Tiong Bahru and Everton districts have become gentrified. New housing blocks and quirky cafes are popping up left, right and center, and these places are increasingly modernised. In a bid to retain some local history, artist Yip Yew Chong has decorated many walls with his murals. They serve as a blast from the past, and portray many traditional places and habits that Singaporeans used to engage in.

Image Credit: YipYC.com

Don’t these murals make you feel all nostalgic inside? Even if you are too young to understand the significance of the images, you can still snap a few photos in front of these murals and share them with your parents, and even grandparents. At the same time, you get to spice up your Instagram feed and set yourself apart from the rest with these oldschool, #oldisgold backgrounds!    

Aside from these murals, there are many other places, such as the void decks of housing decks, that showcase beautiful and invigorating artwork! Not only are they perfect set-ups for your next photoshoot, but they also tend to encompass different cultural and sentimental meanings. So as you snap away, don’t forget to take some time to think about and enjoy the significance of these paintings too!

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