15 Shots That Tourists Should Stop Taking Already

15 Shots That Tourists Should Stop Taking Already

When we travel to the most popular destinations on Earth, we cannot resist taking those cliché photographs. But sometimes, we just need a break!

When we travel to the most popular destinations on Earth, we cannot resist taking those cliché photographs to show our friends and families, and scream, “Look, where we’d gone!” That isn’t entirely a bad thing because not everyone gets a chance to visit those places, but you don’t need to build onto the already existing huge library of cliché poses!

We need a break.

You don’t need a building to lean on.

tourist shotsImage credit: Marty Portier

The tower is tall enough. Arrête!

Eiffel TowerImage credit: Stuart Caie

There we go again…

Eiffel TowerImage credit: Vincent Lock

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It’s already a cone.

EgyptImage credit: Pablo Pecora

You’re kissing a ravenous monster. Remember that.

EgyptImage credit: David Haberthür

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Ocean blue more than hot dogs. Swim my child, swim.

tourist shotsImage credit: iris

Brown furry camels over disproportionate silhouettes at the deserts please?

desertImage credit: Dennis Jarvis

Don’t think he’s amused, son.

BrazilImage credit: Mike Vondran

Drinking the spew?

SingaporeImage credit: Lan Rasso

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Regretted it, didn’t you?

Image credit: Jason Eppink

If only you did it with bell-bottoms…

Abbey RoadImage credit: Bob

Nahiin! It’s a symbol of love, not a toy.

Taj Mahal, IndiaImage credit: Michael Verhoef

Liberty is not embodied in a pose, but in the act.

Statue of LibertyImage credit: Rose Trinh

That pose only lasted a few seconds. You didn’t meditate. Don’t lie.

Image credit: Yun Huang Yong

Do not fall a grand death, my friend.

Image credit: Jess

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The world needs more creativity. Do you agree?

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