6 Hidden Beaches in Tioman You Can Have All to Yourself

6 Hidden Beaches in Tioman You Can Have All to Yourself

Dreaming of a quiet getaway with just you and the waves? Visit these hidden beaches in Tioman before they get popular.

Don’t we all dream of a relaxing beach vacation every once in awhile? Unwinding on miles of sun-drenched sand, listening to the sound of the crashing waves, sipping fruit juice topped with a colourful umbrella… sounds like paradise!

We’ve decided to put together a list of the most secluded beaches on the island of Tioman so you have a chance to enjoy an amazing beach getaway. 


1. Melina Beach

Image credit: Melina Beach Resort

The southern beaches in Tioman (south of Paya) are quiet and relaxed. Let’s start with Melina Beach, a long stretch of multiple sandy beaches on the southwest. It’s away from the popular beaches and town centres and is thus isolated. That’s music to our ears! And that is why you can actually hear the lapping waves and rustling of palm trees here. Get a room at the privately-owned Melina Beach Resort and you can just stay at Melina Beach itself. The beach is not too large and easy to navigate. On the tip, you will find rocky outcrops that make great photo spots!

2. Lanting Village

Image credit: Japamala Resort

Lanting Village is a little-celebrated beach in Tioman located on the southwestern tip of the island. Here, you will find sand smoother than a professional pickup artist. Seriously, look at the gorgeous blue water! In Lanting Village, there is no wrestling through crowds to get a perfect spot on the coast. Take your beach mat and lay it anywhere like you own this place. The closest resort here is Japamala Resort which is one of Tioman’s most exclusive luxury resorts.

3. Lalang

Image credit: Kojach

Feast your eyes on this cosy slice of heaven. Lalang beach is small but very charming. We recommend the southern part of the beach as the water is clearer and it is away from the few huts that sit on the northern end. To get to Lalang beach, hop on a free shuttle service operated by Berjaya Beach, Golf and Spa Resort. They offer this service to the public and not only guests of the resort.

 Image credit: Peter Gronemann

4. Juara Village

Image credit: Jorge Cancela

Juara is the only beach on Tioman where you get to watch the sunrise as it is on the east coast. You get to dreamily stare into your loved one’s eyes as the majestic skyscape slowly lights up…it sounds cheesy but ain’t it the dream? In certain times of the year, the beach is literally empty. It’s becoming more popular though, so we advise you to avoid it during peak travel periods.

5. Monkey Beach

Image credit: Thantzinmyint

Imagine an uninhabited piece of pristine coast where only long-tailed macaques live. Monkey Beach is so secretive that getting here is an adventure itself. It is only accessible by trekking through jungles or boat. You will find gorgeous rainforests along the coast and stunning untouched white coral reefs.

6. Deserted beaches along Ayer Batang to Salang beach

Image credit: Maman Voyage

These beaches are so deserted that they have no popularly-known names. You will find them along the path from the famous Ayer Batang to Salang beach. These are small bays with beaches that hardly anybody goes to. We hate that the walk has many mosquitos though, so be sure to bring insect repellent. If you choose to brave the walk, you will be rewarded with your own private oasis.

Tioman is the perfect combination of fun in the sun, water sports, and escape from people. Add these six hidden beaches on your itinerary next time you are in Tioman. You will thank us!

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