Thailand Bans Smoking and Littering at 24 Beaches, Hefty Fines Implemented

Thailand Bans Smoking and Littering at 24 Beaches, Hefty Fines Implemented

Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment has banned smoking at 24 different beachside locations including Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui with effect from 1 February 2018.

If you’ve ever been to a beach in Thailand and had your perfect view marred by random cigarette butts strewn across the sand, you can heave a sigh of relief now!

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Based on a survey by the department of marine and coastal resources, litter-dropping last year at Patong beach, Phuket – visited by millions of foreign tourists each year – found an average of about 100,000 cigarette butts for roughly every 2.4km-long stretch of sand. Cigarette butts currently account for at least a third of the total amount of rubbish collected by the department.

In a bid to protect its world-famous beaches, Thailand’s ministry of natural resources and environment announced that smoking and littering have been banned at 24 beachside locations across 15 provinces along the Andaman Coast and the Gulf of Thailand. This includes popular tourist destinations like Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui.

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Starting from 1 February this year, smoking is only allowed at designated smoking areas, according to Bannarak Sermthong, a director from the country’s department of marine and coastal resources (DMCR). More designated smoking areas are expected to be added in the future.

The penalty for violation of this law is up to one year in jail, a fine of up to THB100,000 (US$3175), or both. However, in the initial stages of implementation, violators will be given warnings first.

This law follows an inspection of local beaches by the DMCR, which turned up alarming numbers of improperly discarded cigarette butts along the shores.

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With these new measures in place, you can expect Thailand’s beaches to be even more beautiful and idyllic!

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