13 Reasons Why Travellers Keep Going Back to Japan

13 Reasons Why Travellers Keep Going Back to Japan

Japan is a favourite among travellers, and some of them just keep coming back time and again. What is it about Japan? Amazing food? Cool trains? Gorgeous nature?

Walk in any city in Japan and you’re bound to encounter foreign tourists. What makes Japan such an attractive country to visit, so much so that people keep on harping on that one day they vow to go back again? Here are 13 reasons, but I know you know we all know that there’s more to this list!

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1. A heaven on earth for foodies

I hate Japanese food…

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And where in the world to get the best but in Japan itself?

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2. Cherry blossoms in spring

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Image Credit: Loïc Lagarde

Image Credit: Loïc Lagarde

Japan’s affair with cherry blossoms is not fresh news. Every year, cherry blossoms summon travellers from all corners of the world to Japan to witness their ethereal beauty. Who wouldn’t be enticed by the romance of picnics under the clouds of pink and white?

3. Polite, clean and safe environment

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With impeccable courtesy, streets spick-and-span and the most important quality to travellers – safety – ensured, travelling in Japan makes you feel comfortable and secure, almost like you’re home.

4. 24-hour convenience stores that sell virtually everything

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Food and beverages, books and stationery, cigarettes, clothes, toiletries, Disney Resort World entrance tickets… Basically, your wish is its command.

5. Public transport system is punctual and efficient

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And the bullet train, oh, the bullet train

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Have a pleasant journey, indeed.

6. Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples


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Not only are these tranquil sites of prayer places of cultural exposure, they also provide a respite for the jaded traveller.

7. High-tech toilets

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Making every toilet trip fancy.

8. People are unabashed about their elaborate street fashion

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They go all out or go home, which also makes Japan the perfect place for travellers to channel their inner fashionistas and make bold sartorial statements without turning judgemental heads.

9. Drinks and snacks are sold in the cutest packaging ever!

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Image Credit: Shibuya246

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10. A shopping paradise for everyone

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From Daiso to Takashimaya, there’s something for every traveller’s budget in Japan.

11. An endless discovery of nature’s beauty

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Japan is bestowed with uncountable secret gems that will take your breath away. Ardent travellers are uncovering these ravishing nature spots one site at a time with each trip they make to Japan!

12. Nights that never end

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Whether at the pub, the club, the karaoke, or the street-side stall, nights are forever young.

13. The heavenly matcha desserts

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What do you think? What makes Japan such a terrific country that never tires you out no matter how many times you visit? Share with us your thoughts below!

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