Asia Takes the Top Spot! Ranking of the World's Cleanest Airports 2024

Asia Takes the Top Spot! Ranking of the World’s Cleanest Airports 2024

Every germaphobe's paradise!

Travelling can be a whirlwind, but one thing we all want — a clean and hygienic airport experience. A recent report by Skytrax, based on customer satisfaction surveys, has revealed the world’s cleanest airports for 2024, and it’s clear Asia is leading the charge!

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Japan ranks first at the world’s cleanest airports 2024 list

World's Cleanest Airports 2024

Haneda Airport | Image credit: Haneda Airport

For an impressive ninth year in a row, Haneda Airport in Japan has been crowned the cleanest airport globally. This dedication to hygiene is further emphasised by four other Japanese airports — including Tokyo Narita and Kansai — landing spots in the coveted top ten.

Beyond Japan, Seoul‘s Incheon Airport takes the number two position, showcasing South Korea‘s commitment to cleanliness. Travellers looking for a sparkling Singapore stopover will be happy to see Singapore’s Changi Airport grabbing the third-place spot.

While Asia dominates the list, Zurich Airport in Switzerland manages to snag the tenth position, representing the only European entry. Interestingly, North America and the UK are absent from the top ten.

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The most pristine airports around the world

World's Cleanest Airports 2024

Incheon Airport, Changi Airport | Image credit: (L-R) Incheon Airport, TommL via Canva Pro

So, where exactly can you expect sparkling bathrooms and spotless floors? Here’s the complete ranking of the cleanest airports in the world!

  1. Haneda Airport, Japan
  2. Seoul Incheon, South Korea
  3. Singapore Changi
  4. Doha Hamad, Qatar
  5. Centrair Nagoya, Japan
  6. Tokyo Narita, Japan
  7. Kansai, Japan
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Taiwan Taoyuan
  10. Zurich, Switzerland

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Consider these airports for a travel experience that prioritises hygiene. And for those curious about the rankings by region, you can check out Skytrax’s world’s cleanest airports 2024 report. Now, breathe easy and pack your bags — a clean and comfortable journey awaits!

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