10 Telltale Signs that You Need a Vacation Right Now

10 Telltale Signs that You Need a Vacation Right Now

Tired, overwhelmed and starting to get cynical? Sounds like you need a vacation.


Taking a vacation is essential to everyone’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. Work can consume you, and when it reaches that point, be sure to take a break! Let’s talk about some signs that convey you really need a vacation.

You always look tired

Chronic fatigue. When you take extra time to do daily chores, move slowly and feel drained constantly, you are possibly burnt out. People might start asking you if you are okay. You are usually cranky around people and just want to get away from it all. This physical exhaustion, if not tackled, can lead to psychological exhaustion.

You are overwhelmed

You are always working – but somehow, you feel that you should be working more. You force yourself to do more than you can handle in a day, and you feel guilty when you don’t complete things on time. Working that much can be detrimental to your health so it is right time you give yourself a break.

You have a negative attitude

You find your usually optimistic self constantly cynical, in a bad mood, or frustrated. Though everyone has their bad days, you are experiencing it more than usual. 

You can’t sleep

You can’t shut your mind and eyes because thoughts of that mountain of work are always surrounding you. This insomnia which previously started as just sleeping trouble for a few nights has become an everyday thing now. When you can’t sleep no matter how tired you are, is a symptom that you are on the path of burning out.

You can’t concentrate

It becomes very difficult to focus, remember and concentrate on stuff when you are mentally exhausted. You start re-reading things multiple times to get the hang of them because you just don’t understand anything the first time. Projects take longer to complete. This means it is about time for a break.

You start feeling cynical

Nothing excites you, everything bores you and you can’t gather any positive thoughts just about anything. Once these cynical thoughts start gathering in your brain, it might be a sign you are headed for burnout.

You have lost your ambition

Initially you were the best at your job, got regular promotions and helped your company grow. But now you have just lost that competitive spirit and you are stuck in a mental rut. Give yourself a break, and relax.

You start making a lot of mistakes

Workplace error and generally everyday life blunders increase. Things that you were previously an expert at now seem difficult. Everything you do is faulty; this means you have had enough of that routine life.

You have no time for “quality time”

You may be so caught up in everyday chores – such as working, childcare and running a household – that you neglect yourself and the health of your relationships. You need quality time, either alone or with your loved ones. 

Your phone becomes a source of stress

If the mere beep of your phone gives you anxiety, it is a sign that you are getting a burn out.

Warning: If you are exhibiting most of these signs, there is also a possibility that you are experiencing clinical depression. If it doesn’t go away after your holiday, do visit a therapist.

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