Travel Accessories You Had No Idea You Needed... Until Now

Travel Accessories You Had No Idea You Needed… Until Now

From a tiny UV water purifier to a handy carabiner that charges your phone. You never knew you needed these travel accessories until now.

When you’re on the road, there’s nothing like a good piece of technology to make your life easier. Whether you backpack from hostel to hostel, hunker down in an apartment for a month, or enjoy camping in the country, there’s a travel accessories out there you had no idea you needed.

Check out these ten awesome accessories that take any travel adventure from great to amazing.

SteriPen Classic 3

Image credit: steripen

Price: USD 69.95

Never worry again about unsafe drinking water. SteriPen Classic 3 is a small, lightweight contraption that quickly and easily purifies water wherever, whenever.  This battery-operated UV water purifier is perfect for travelers who frequent back country roads, long camping trips, or countries that don’t have potable water always on hand.

Ultimate Ears UE Roll

Image credit: ultimateears

Price: USD 129.99

Portable, durable, and packing a crisp, quality sound—everything a traveler would want from a Bluetooth speaker. Ultimate Ears UE Roll is stylish and waterproof, so don’t be afraid to take it with you on any adventure. This little device will easily fit in your day bag or clip on to your belt, making it perfect for a beach day, mountain climbing, hiking, or any get together with friends on the road. On top of that, you can even double up on the speakers by using their UE app to play your music from two speakers at once for more range.


Image credit: olloclip

Price: USD 79.99

An absolute essential for the Instagram-loving backpacker. Take gorgeous photos right from your iPhone with the olloclip lens.  Easy to use, just clip it on and go. They currently offer four different lens models, but our favourite is the Active Lens—it features telephoto and ultra-wide lenses for that perfect shot.  With olloclip, you’ll never forget the views from atop Machu Picchu or the sunsets of the Moroccan desert.

TaskOne G3

Image credit: TaskLab

Price: USD 89.95

Finally, an iPhone case that does more than look cool. Take your favourite electronic that goes everywhere you do and transform it into an amazing resource with TaskOne G3. This case is an all-in-one tool, complete with knife, sawblade, flint, screwdrivers, and bottle opener. It even has a handy little kickstand for watching movies on the train.

Bose QuietComfort 20

Image credit: Bose

Price: USD 329.99

Pricey, but well-worth the investment for the frequent traveler. Bose QuietComfort 20 is the absolute best on the market for noise-cancelling headphones.  No matter where you are, these headphones will ensure you hear nothing but the audio you want—whether it be your favourite album, a new audiobook, or a Skype session. And—for the times when you need to stay a little more alert, like crossing a busy street in Bangkok—Bose lets in a little bit of the world to keep you aware.


Image credit: Cuff

Price: From USD 30

The perfect, all-in-one safety device every traveller must get. Cuff is a little device that fits into varying types of jewellery—necklaces and bracelets—that lets you alert the police or friends and family when you are in danger. It is a safety essential for any traveler, and gives family back home peace of mind. With Cuff, you can put your phone away at dinner or when meeting new people without worrying about missing an important call – just filter out the ones you don’t want to see, and Cuff will buzz when someone important is trying to reach you. Plus, it will soon be able to track your activity, so no more need for an additional activity monitor as well.

Sigmo Translator

Image credit: mashable

Price not yet available

Never bring a bulky dictionary on your travels again. Sigmo Translator promises to revolutionise the way you communicate and socialise with people around the world with their ground-breaking translator device. Sigmo will instantly translate your words into over 25 languages.  This sleek, stylish device will always stay on the cutting edge of technology, all you need to do is receive updates via their app. Their crowdfunding campaign was a huge success, so expect to see this amazing product on the market very soon.


Image credit: hellonomad

Price: From USD 29.95

NomadClip is a carabiner that charges your phone. This strong, steel-reinforced device has a handy USB and charging cord hidden inside that make charging your device on the go seamless. It’s also great for holding the keys to a rented property, or to clip onto your backpack for adding external storage.

BirkSun Solar Backpack

Image credit: BirkSun

Price: From USD 100

Harness the power of the sun and charge your electronics anytime, anywhere. BirkSun Solar Backpack is a stylish, waterproof backpack has a sturdy solar panel on the back so you’ll never need to worry about finding an outlet again, especially when you’re in the middle of a Balinese temple and your camera’s battery is flashing red. The pack comes in three different styles and a multitude of colours to suit the tastes of any traveller.

Wacaco Minipresso

Image credit: Wacaco

Price: USD 59

Wacaco Minipresso is perfect for travelling coffee lovers. Get a shot of espresso when you want it with this lightweight, innovative handheld espresso maker. Very easy to use, this sleek little coffee maker will be your best friend on a rushed morning as you head out for a day of sightseeing and adventure.

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