teamLab Opens Stunning New Light Exhibition At Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay

Here’s A Sneak Peek into teamLab’s New Exhibition At Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay

Spoiler alert: Expect floating eggs that change colour, animals projections that morph into flowers and flowers blooming in tea right before your eyes!

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

Another day, another larger-than-life installation at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. This December, the city’s iconic attraction will play host to a new immersive art exhibition. Titled #futuretogether, this is a joint collaboration between Gardens by the Bay and GIC for the Singapore Bicentennial and will feature art by Tokyo’s teamLAB. 

The exhibition kicks off with its outdoor exhibits which will open to the public on December 15, followed by the indoor exhibits on January 16, 2020 spanning across its Bayfront Plaza. 

Yup, if you’ve recently been to the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay and were wondering what the stunning illuminated eggs along the Dragonfly Lake were part of, this is it. 

Here’s a sneak peek of all the ultra Instagram-worthy installations you can look forward to at Gardens by the Bay’s new #futuretogether exhibition! 

1. Exhibit: Autonomous Resonating Life on the Water and Resonating Trees

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

With only a little push of the ovoids on the wooden boardwalk of Dragonfly Lake, you can change the colours of the eggs in waves! As part of the Autonomous Resonating Life on the Water and Resonating Trees eggs will also emit a sound specific to the colour which they change to. Lights from the trees on the other side will respond to the change, reflecting the exhibition’s theme of ‘connectivity’. 

2. Exhibit: Flowers and People Giant Lattice Mass, a Whole Year per Hour

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

Another exhibit that you can view outdoors is the giant lattice structure, which will feature a light projection of flowers from all seasons, over the course of an hour. You’ll find that as you get closer to the lattice and stand still, you’ll see the flowers bloom more abundantly! But, moving around will cause the flowers to scatter and wither symbolizing change and a continuous cycle of life and death.

3. Exhibit: Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives

Speaking of flowers, head indoors to see teamLab’s indoor exhibits! You will first be ushered into a pitch-black room featuring projections of animals (constructed from flowers) reflected on the walls and mirrors. Get this: if you touch these animal projections, they will even make sounds before and eventually scattering into petals and fading away. 

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

4. Exhibit: Flowers Bloom in an Infinite Universe inside a Teacup

Feeling thirsty from all the art viewing? Head into the next room to have some hot teh tarik or yuzu tea. But if you thought this was your average cuppa, you’re wrong. 

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

As your tea is being poured out, you’ll find projections of flowers blooming from buds start to appear in your tea! Move your cup around and watch the flowers scatter into petals and fade. The flower buds will continue to grow and appear as long as there is still tea in your cup! Each cup of tea sells for S$3, and all proceeds go to Gardens by the Bay’s Gift of Gardens which provides the opportunity for those at a disadvantage to visit the park. 

The exhibition will be free for Singaporeans!

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay

The indoor exhibitions will be free for Singapore residents, but ticket reservations have to be made in advance online. (There will be a fee of S$10/ticket for foreigners.)

Reservations start from 15 December 2019 and the indoor exhibits will be open its doors from 16 January 2020 to 15 March 2020. So, be sure to mark down the dates!

For more information and reservations, you can head to the Gardens by the Bay site here

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