There’s an All-Zombie Themed Attraction Coming to Singapore this October

There’s an All-Zombie Themed Attraction Coming to Singapore this October

Opening this 26 October, Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore presents a post-apocalyptic world where Singaporeans will battle flesh dripping zombies.

Ever watched a zombie movie and wished you were there to smash in on the fun? Introducing Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore, a zombie-themed attraction that allows you to get chased by gory zombies, without the chance of you actually dying.  

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This October, the National Stadium will transform into a zombie-infested battlefield, as players will get a literal field day of killing flesh peeling zombies with the use of Nerf guns. 

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Organized by Zedtown, the world’s largest real-world zombie survival game, the Singaporean and first-ever Asian edition will see Singapore in a “state of emergency” as the country is overrun by zombies. Join the rest of the living-Singaporeans as they attempt to battle zombies and each other for a place at Final Resort, a zombie-free condo where the powerful and privileged reside.

If you think the game is merely about running around with a toy gun, think again. Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore is more than just a way for you to accumulate steps for your Singtel Steps challenge. Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore offers players a fascinating glimpse into a post-apocalyptic world, where the stakes are high with flesh dripping zombies abound to keep you on your toes. 

Image credit: Zedtown Asia

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And if you get “bitten”, don’t sweat, the game’s not over. “Dead” players will get the chance to play the role of the zombie, and get a really cool zombie makeover in the process! So if it were up to me, I’d get bitten halfway into the game so I’d get to experience the best of both worlds! Zombies are also rewarded with a dog tag with every kill they make. 

There will be a day and night session, taking place at 12 pm and 6 pm respectively, lasting for approximately 4 hours. We reckon both sessions will provide different experiences for players, so choose wisely!

So come on down, get your guns, and get ready to fight!

Image credit: Zedtown Asia

Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore will officially open on 26 October 2019. Do note that players must be 18 years and older to participate in the game. Tickets can be purchased from Sports Hub Tix, with price ranging from $60-$125. More ticketing details are available here.

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