What Can I Buy With SGD 1 In India

What Can I Buy With SGD 1 In India

When in India, here are the things that you can buy with SGD 1. Local food, interesting items and even a haircut service can be enjoyed at a very low price.

Home to the Taj Mahal and River Ganges, India is also a multilingual country with over a thousand languages being spoken there. It is a place of beauty and a glorious amount of history.

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1. Six pieces of mutton puffs

Image credits: cantcookwillcook

Here’s a deliciously filling meal for less than a dollar. You can grab these at the road side stalls and be full till your next meal. Trust me, they are that filling!

2. 10 pieces of Vadai

Image credits: photoppurtunist

Also known as Vade/Wada in Sri Lanka, these Vadai are an iconic sight at street side stalls in South India. They are preferably eaten after they have been freshly fried, when they are still hot and crunchy with not too much oil.

3. An Appy Fizz isotonic drink

Image credits: rationbuddy

For those who want a more fruity thirst quencher in the hot sun, grab an Appy Fizz for around a dollar. This drink is a good substitute to Colas and it is a popular fruit drink among the youths.

4. 1kg of oranges

Image credits: jothetartqueen

Markets are great places to find cheap and fresh goods. These oranges were selling at 1kg for a dollar. Don’t be deceived by their odd shapes since they’re typically very sweet and juicy. I’m sure my grandma won’t mind if I give them to her on Chinese New Year.

5. A notebook

What better way to log down your travel experience in India than in a travel diary? This notebook is well worth the 1 dollar, especially when it has the string to bundle up your book when not in use.

6. An issue of India Today

For all those who love getting their news fix alongside a good morning chai (tea). Don’t worry, this magazine is printed in English but you can get them in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam too. It has been a reliable news source for the people of India since 1975. If you’re in a hurry, you can pick them while on the go from the sellers at traffic junctions who will definitely approach you when traffic comes to a standstill.

7. Four tickets to the Delhi Rail Museum

Image credits: indiaadvices

For all those train buffs or those who want to know a little bit more about trains. The star attraction here is the Fairy Queen, deemed as one of the best-preserved locomotive engines of her age.

8. Tons of tongue cleaners

Image credits: shopping.redriff

India is the only place that you will be able to find an abundance of tongue cleaners. These are sold for a few rupees each so you can buy tons of them.

9. A tube of henna dye

Image credits: trade.indiamart

This item cost less than a dollar unless you need someone to help you draw on the designs. Otherwise if you have enough faith in your drawing abilities then by all means, draw away!

10. A haircut for men

Image credits: ellenweeren

Sorry ladies but this is for the men. Some of these barbers are so extremely skilled that they just need a comb and a pair of scissors and they would be able to give a haircut, no shavers required. Some barbers are even known to give a great massage. Check out these videos like TheNomadBarber ,The India Haircut Series to see what we mean.

Experience India Yourself

  1. There are flights out to India every other day.
  2. Prices range from SGD200 to SGD3000 depending on which part of India you are planning to travel to.
  3. Singapore is 2.5 hours ahead of India so when it is 12pm in Singapore, it is 9.30am in India.
  4. The flight duration from Singapore to India is around 5 hours.

Notes: Special thanks to Shafna for the pictures and her help.

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