20 Reasons Why South Korea is a Terrible Travel Destination

20 Reasons Why South Korea is a Terrible Travel Destination

What's so great about South Korea? It is... meh. Drop your idea of travelling there.

You’ve probably heard Gangnam Style so many times that you can rap (and dance) along to it like a native Korean, whether or not you’re proud of that accomplishment. And look at the increasing number of Bingsu and Korean fried chicken bistros popping out all over our island. Let’s face it, South Korea [fzPrice]icn[/fzPrice] and its culture are taking over the rest of Asia.

But is that a good thing? What’s so great about it anyway? We’ll give you 20 reasons why Korea is not worth your next visit.

1. First of all, nobody likes barbecued meat

about south koreaImage credit: arex

2. Neither is fried chicken an awesome dish

Image credit: Edsel Little

3. And the rest of their food are so boring

4. Their technology is out of date

Image credit: Inhabitat

5. Haeundae beach is just overrated

6. And there’s nothing fancy about a heart-shaped island

Image credit: Korea.net

7. Koreans aren’t even cute!

Image credit: LG전자

8. Meh…

Image credit: kim881231

9. Have I mentioned about the inconvenience of getting around?

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10. And what’s the big deal about having the no. 1 wooden coaster in the world?

Image credit: Jeremy Thompson

11. It’s so dull everywhere

Image credit: Tim Richardson

12. Seriously Korea, it’s time to beautify your surroundings

Image credit: EDK

13. Just a temple beside an ocean, nothing special

Image credit: Anna L Martin

14. Their beauty products are awful…

Image credit: Imgbuddy

15. And the shopping streets are pathetic

Image credit: Yoshi

16. The cafes have animals in them – no one likes that!

Image credit: Fivedollartraveller

17. And playing with mud? Nasty.

Image credit: Stinkie Pinkie

18. Spending a night at a sauna bathhouse is a terrible idea

Image credit: River health spa

19. And so is going to this strange theme park

Image credit: whyyan

20. And as if all these aren’t bad enough, there’s just nothing impressive about its entertainment industry

Image credit: nicole voon

So think twice the next time you wish to visit Korea, because…

You may not be able to handle its awesomeness.

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