Vivid Sydney 2024: A Dazzling Celebration of Humanity Awaits!

Vivid Sydney 2024: A Dazzling Celebration of Humanity Awaits!

Excited for this year's installation!

The iconic Vivid Sydney festival bursts back onto the scene from 24 May–15 June 2024, promising 23 nights of captivating light installations, electrifying performances, delicious food experiences, and a whole lot of fun. This year’s theme, Humanity Together, celebrates the very essence of what connects us all.

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Everything you need to know about Vivid Sydney 2024

Vivid Sydney 2024

The famed Vivid Light Walk returns, offering an 8km exploration trail with over 30 large-scale light projections and interactive installations. Wander through this open-air art gallery and lose yourself in a world of dazzling lights and creativity.

Vivid Sydney offers more than just a walk in the park (though the walk itself is amazing!). Prepare to be transported by a variety of captivating light displays. Sea, Sand & Stars takes viewers on a mesmerising journey from the ocean depths to the vast expanse of space, all on the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Don’t miss Horizon, a hypnotic light and sound experience that will alter your perception of space.

Prepare to be awestruck by the Global Rainbow, a massive 40km rainbow laser installation that stretches across the entire Sydney cityscape, a stunning symbol of hope and inclusivity. Feeling playful? Then Omnivisu is for you! Step up to the viewfinder and see your own eyes projected onto a distant building — a unique and interactive experience.

Vivid Sydney isn’t just about the lights

Vivid Sydney 2024

Hika Rakuyo, a light and laser show by a Japanese artist collective, draws inspiration from Japanese philosophy and the beauty of nature. Chairwave, an interactive installation by a Dutch design studio, features an illuminated chair that beckons you to sit down, potentially sparking a conversation with a fellow festival-goer. Finally, end your evenings with a heartwarming spectacle – the Love is in the Air Drone Show.

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This is just a glimpse of the incredible experiences that await you at Vivid Sydney 2024. With fun events a vibrant atmosphere, Vivid Sydney promises an unforgettable celebration of light, music, food, and most importantly, humanity! So, mark your calendars and get ready to be dazzled!

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