Wineries in New South Wales: 9 Best Spots in Hunter Valley and Beyond

9 Best Wineries in New South Wales: Hunter Valley, Mudgee, and Beyond

There’s always time for a glass of wine!

If you’re looking to indulge in some of the finest New World wines, why not try them straight from wineries in New South Wales? These wines are usually fermented outside of Europe. and the Middle East. So instead of acquiring your vintages in popular wine countries like Italy, France, and Spain, grapes for New World wines come from places like New Zealand, Argentina, and of course, Australia! These have much higher alcohol content than their European counterparts but, to compensate, are also more full-bodied. 

Australia is one of the biggest producers of New World wines, and New South Wales is home to a large chunk of their cellars and vineyards. If you’re looking to taste some of the best wines this side of the equator, these are the best places to visit in the wine regions near Sydney!

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Where to go wine tasting in Hunter Valley

Did you know that Hunter Valley has the most cellar doors in all of Australia? So, it wouldn’t be an over-exaggeration to call it the wine capital of the Land Down Under. With rolling hills, rustic scenery, and enough wineries to occupy you for an entire week, Hunter Valley is without a doubt our top pick for nearby Sydney wineries.

1. Tyrell’s Wines

The accolades of Tyrrell’s Wines are both extensive and impressive. This world-renowned winery is one of Australia’s leading producers of wine. At the helm for over 163 years is the Tyrrell family; going into its fourth and fifth generation under the direction of Bruce Tyrrell and his children, John, Chris, and Jane. This history alone makes the vineyard an unmissable destination for wine tastings near Sydney.

Today the winery produces Australia’s most-awarded white wine. The Vat 1 Hunter Valley Semillon has won an astounding 5,475 medals and 332 trophies, to date. Most recently, the 2021 Vat 1 Semillon was included in James Suckling’s Top 100 Wines of 2021 (Worldwide) list, while the 2018 Stevens Shiraz made it into James Halliday’s Top 100 Wines of 2021 (Australia).

Make it a point to at least taste their prestigious Sémillon. Tyrell’s managed to create a varietal with crisp acidity, and unlike most white wines, their Semillon gets better with age. Expect an investment whenever you buy a bottle from Tyrell’s! 

Address: 1838 Broke Rd, Pokolbin, NSW 2320

Tasting menu starting price: A$15 per person for 45 minutes

2. Audrey Wilkinson

Audrey Wilkinson is one of the oldest wineries in New South Wales that cultivate premium wines. You’ll find this vineyard on top of a foothill of the Brokenback Mountain Range, within a 109-hectare estate. It is named after one of Australia’s earliest wine pioneers. It has also been recognized as one of the best vineyards in Australia by famed wine critic James Halliday. 

Booking a wine-tasting tour in this vineyard in New South Wales can be a spectacular experience. The hills in the estate offer a panoramic view of the countryside. Tour guides are also eager to teach the vineyard’s history, from their chardonnay to the Shiraz. Conclude their finest glass of wine with their own cheese or chocolates for a relaxing afternoon.

Apart from sampling some crisp fine wine and taking a tour of the verdant vineyard, you can also stay the night on-site in one of their guest cottages

Address: 750 De Beyers Rd, Pokolbin, NSW 2320

Tasting menu starting price: A$25 for 60 minutes


3. Brokenwood Wines

When exploring the best wineries in New South Wales, wine enthusiasts should drop by Brokenwood Wines. The winery’s breathtaking view of the Hunter Valley terroir isn’t just for show. A glass of their award-winning Graveyard Vineyard Shiraz proves that their grapes can compete with the best.

The experience of wine tasting in Brokenwood Wines vineyard is both informative and relaxing. Their tours can be quite extensive and eloquent, where guests learn about the vineyard’s own wine-making methods. Most of the time, the vineyard is peaceful. A sip of their delicious wine while admiring the scenery might be all you’ll need to smoothly unwind.

Address: 401-427 McDonalds Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

Tasting menu starting price: A$25 for 45 mins

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Must-visit wine estates in Mudgee

This is the third-largest grape-producing region in New South Wales. With more than 32 cellar doors, Mudgee undoubtedly has a deep appreciation for fermented grape goodness. Beyond visiting the wineries, travellers should look out for the annual Mudgee Wine and Food Festival held in spring. It’s a unique month-long festival that celebrates the most exquisite wines with live music and delectable food.

4. Huntington Estate Wines

One of the most prolific vineyards in New South Wales is Huntington Estate. Located atop the coolest parts of Mudgee, the grapes that grow on this vineyard develop some of the most complex flavours of wines out there. Hunting Estate’s winemakers employ a traditional and organic method to their craft, which results in full-bodied bottles of chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, and Shiraz that age gracefully.

Address: 641 Ulan Rd, Buckaroo, NSW 2850

Tasting menu starting price: A$10 for 1 hour and 15 mins

5. Lowe Wines

You cannot visit Mudgee without paying a visit to Lowe Wines. Pick up some of their premium organic wines, including the 2012 Lowe Riesling and 2014 Lowe Nullo Mountain Pinot Gris as well as their flagship red: the 2012 Lowe Organic Zinfandel. It’s this beautiful collection of bottles that Lowe Wines adds to Mudgee’s reputation as an excellent wine region near Sydney.

Aside from meandering through the beautiful vineyard, you can choose to experience staying in their unique new boutique studio accommodation: Shed by Zin. As its name suggests, it’s a spruced-up shed nestled amongst an extensive kitchen garden that overlooks the vineyard!

Address: Tinja Ln, Mudgee, NSW 2850

Tasting menu starting price: A$20 for one hour


6. Robert Stein Winery

Founded by a family with a long history of winemaking in 1976, Robert Stein Winery started out with a humble two hectares of Shiraz and slowly expanded to what it is today with the help of family and friends. Today, the winery produces some of the most sought-after wines in the region, with seven vintages to its name both on a national and international level. Their wines are highly regarded by renowned wine critic, James Halliday.

Additionally, the winery is home to the renowned Pipeclay Pumphouse Restaurant, which serves up mouth-watering food alongside wines from their very own vineyard and more! Did we mention that there’s also a vintage motorcycle museum?

Address: 62 Quarry Ln, Budgee Budgee, NSW 2850

Tasting menu starting price: A$10 for one hour

Where to go wine tasting in the Southern Highlands

Located southwest of Sydney, the Southern Highlands boasts rolling hills, lush forests, and complex viticultural soils excellent for growing pinot gris and pinot noir grapes. Home to the beautiful Wollemi National Park and over nine distinct food and wine clusters, Southern Highlands is the idyllic countryside holiday destination we all dream of. The region’s natural gifts helped create a home for some of the best wineries in New South Wales.

7. Centennial Vineyard

Centennial Vineyard hosts some of the best wine tastings near Sydney. Their amazing wine plays a significant part in the experience, especially their sauvignon blanc or pinot noir. Just outside their cellar doors is their terrace and a sprawling, manicured lawn. Both of these are excellent places to enjoy any of their lovely wines.

However, the dishes and courses in their restaurant seem to set the perfect stage for their wines. Most of their proteins incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables to enhance their flavours. Combine this with advanced fusion techniques inspired by French and Asian cuisine for a complex harmony that indulges the palate. Finish this meal with any glass of Centennial’s vintages for a truly sophisticated dinner.

Address: 252 Centennial Rd, Bowral NSW 2576

Tasting menu starting price: A$10 for one hour 

8. Mount Ashby Vineyard and Cellar Door

Aside from being one of the most breathtaking and rustic wineries in the Southern Highlands, Mount Ashby Vineyard and Cellar Door also has one of the few remaining Holstein studs in the area. Guests can look forward to seeing herds of mooing cattle and dining on a range of marinated cheeses made with the milk that the cattle produce. 

Nothing beats sipping on a glass of merlot as you enjoy homemade soup, cheese and fresh bread! Really make you contemplate the merits of moving to the countryside, huh?

Address: 128 Nowra Rd, Moss Vale, NSW 2577

Tasting menu starting price: Prices are disclosed upon booking through their website

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9. Helm Wines

Helm Wines is one of the first wineries in New South Wales and in the famed Canberra District wine region. Founded in 1973, it has proven itself to be a notable contender in the world of fermented beverages. Helmed by Ken Helm, it is one of the pioneers of the NSW wine scene. 

Today, lucky visitors can look forward to meeting the founder and winemaker himself. He might even offer to give you a tour or personally guide you through a wine-tasting session!

Address: 19 Butts Rd, Murrumbateman, NSW 2582

Tasting menu starting price: Tasting is free! Tours are A$10 per person

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The wine regions near Sydney are without a doubt an aficionado’s dream vacation destination. Wherever you go, premium wines and award-winning wineries are just around the corner. It doesn’t matter if you choose to stick close to Sydney or want to venture further from the known and done, the wineries in New South Wales and their cellars will not disappoint!

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