10 Reasons Why Travelling With Friends is Better than Travelling Solo

Why Travelling With Friends is Better than Travelling Solo

But what if we say that travelling with friends is still better than going solo?

More and more people fall in love with travel every day. Who wouldn’t if it’s one of the best ways to discover not just the world but yourself as well? You can meet a lot of travellers in hostels who chose to explore the world by themselves. As they say, travelling by yourself is one of the most liberating things you can do. But what if we say that, still, travelling with friends is better than going solo? Solo travellers, we think that we’ve made some pretty good points, so you better hear us out.

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1. You won’t have to make memories alone

Yes! You’ll do almost everything in this trip together! Having someone with you when you travel means that you will share all the best and worst memories possible during your great adventure. You will keep each other’s company. There’ll be some bloopers, possibly a bit of drama, but having a lot of moments together also means that you get to tell the stories years and years after your trip. You’ll find yourself saying “Oh, that day was awesome!” No more wishing about how fun the trip would have been if your friends were with you. You’re finally going together and if that’s not exciting enough to book a trip with your friends, you might have a problem!

2. There’s safety in numbers

travelling friends

You won’t be alone. At least one, two, or more friends are joining so your family will feel that you’re at least a bit safer— especially if they do trust your friends. And even when you encounter some trouble, you know that someone’s got your back. Your friends are your family when you’re travelling. And in case you feel unwell, they’d go out of their ways to help you out. Someone will take care of you. Just be prepared for how they’re going to get back at you because you delayed the trip for them. We’re just kidding; of course, they won’t mind. You can always go back together, anyway!

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3. You’ll have assistance when planning the trip

It’s more acceptable to be overly excited about a trip when you’re doing it with friends. More people can suggest random activities to try. Sometimes, you might already have a hotel room before you even worry about it. If you’re not the type of person who likes to plan, there might be someone else who’s going to be more than willing to do it for the team.

True story: Some people book flight tickets without informing their friends! We think that’s so cool!

Have you ever had an experience that when you came back from travelling, one of your friends ask “Oh, did you do this or that?” and you say no because you’ve never thought about it. When travelling solo, everything is on you. It’s fun, yes. But when you’re with friends, there will be new ideas. And you might think of these ideas crazy at first, but in the end, you might love it, too!

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4. You will get lost together

travelling friends better than solo

Since you planned the itinerary together, of course, you will go and navigate the roads together, too. In this case, getting lost won’t scare the crap out of you because you know that you can work your way out together as well. And if you’re all so tired to find your way back, you might find yourselves enjoying the unexpected turns of your trip instead. It doesn’t mean that you have to follow your itinerary all the time anyway.

5. You’ll get that extra push you never thought you needed

When travelling solo, you do everything depending on your feelings. You suddenly feel scared to go bungee jumping? Okay. You can freely go back to your hotel and sulk for being such a coward. But when you’re with friends, you have someone to cheer you on to continue. They will let you enjoy your freedom but will be there to support you in anything that you do, too. They’re there to give you that extra push you never thought you needed to finally find the courage to jump off the plane to go skydiving or take biking to the next level by doing it on a zip line.

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6. You can share your expenses

One of the perks of not travelling solo is having the chance to share your expenses with other people. From baggage weight allowance to your hotel room and food bill, you can split the costs. And instantly, your overall expenses will become a lot cheaper. As long as you guys have the same mindset when budgeting your travel allowance, everything will run smooth. It’s also great when you have a group fund for equal expenses like attraction passes to make travelling a little easier.

7. You can take photos of each other

travelling with friends is better than going solo

You won’t need to spend five minutes to find a stranger who will take your photos when you’re travelling with friends. They won’t just press the camera button. Real friends will do everything to take your best profile picture ever. They take capturing beautiful photos seriously. And even if they’re not good at it, you can demand them to try.

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8. You can make new friends together

Who says that you can’t make new friends when you’re already travelling with your buddies? That’s a lie! In fact, it’s sometimes easier to be friends with everyone else if you have someone to back you up. Join the party at your hostel, and you’ll suddenly be BFFs with everyone.

9. You learn to “mother hen” your friends

travelling friends

One of your friends is acting like a baby? Your hotel room is chaos? You can step up and get your friends together to become more responsible adults. If you’d like to practice being a parent, travel with your friends. We mean, imagine what you’re going to have to deal with after spending a night out. Hangover is serious, man!

10. You can forget about your itinerary

So, you don’t feel like following the time and destinations you’ve written on your itinerary today. That’s perfectly fine! When you’re with friends, you can forget everything that you’ve worked hard for and enjoy each other’s company wherever your impulsive decisions take you. After all, it won’t be wrong if you’re doing crazier things together instead of a boring tour, right? Spending your whole day by the beach and the entire night at the bar is alright. As long as everyone agrees with it, you can do as you please.

travelling with friends is better than going solo

Travelling solo can be liberating for sure. You develop a lot of skills that you never thought you had in the first place. But going on adventures with friends is always a great idea. It will strengthen your bond and take your friendship to the next level. You’ll learn more things not just about yourselves but about each other, too!

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So, how about be that friend who randomly books a ticket for their friends without them knowing?

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