Travel Services to Make Your Travel Planning Easier

Services to Make Your Travel Planning Easier

If your company works with travel or travelling is a part of your everyday work-life, then you need to get familiar with the great travel services that are out there. They can make your travel planning much easier!

When you have a travel agency, a tour operation company or something similar, some very useful services could help you boost your business. These different apps and platforms can help you build a platform, reach customers and interact with other businesses. There are plenty more than the ones listed in the article, so check out lots more software. No matter what you might need assistance for, there is most definitely a helpful software solution for you and your business.

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This app is designed especially for travel agencies and tour operators. It is a travel booking platform with comprehensive B2B/B2C modules. This is great for helping businesses in improving revenues and profits. With this app, you can engage with users and sub-agencies to up your sales. Travelomatix can ensure that your website will look great on every type of medium without you having to worry about coding or design. The app offers insight into your growth in a manageable way making it easier to figure out which sectors are doing well.


Travelti is offering a booking solution for tour operators worldwide. It includes a complete B2B solution that will help tour operators gain new customers and enter the technology sector. Some of the key benefits are direct contact with the customer, instant feedback from clients, and possibly increased revenue.


TraNext Holiday Portal Software is an app designed to help travel agencies with boosting visibility online. The great thing about TraNxt is that it holds all features in the app. These are features like email marketing and CRM. This way you do not need to build a website. It has a lot of other useful features among other blogs, where you could for example share tips for planning a trip.

travel services

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Pana is a travel management solution with a group of live travel experts. This means that you can get a hold of travel experts to help you plan and book your company’s travels. They know everything there is to know about the current travel trends. They can also help you if something goes wrong or there’s a cancellation. You can also use this platform to track your employees’ travels and make sure they’re arriving safely and on time. Pana has a range of other features to make your travel planning easier.


You can save up to 30 percent of the cost of your company’s business travels with NexTravel. This service simplifies managing and booking business travel. This way you can gather all your travel information in one place. It will give you a manageable overview of the costs and plans of all your travels. You can also save money using NexTravel by using their expertise and corporate discounts. With NexTravel you never need to worry about planning your employee’s travels. This platform is available from both a laptop and mobile phone making it super easy to use in a busy workday.

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