Ancient Pyu Cities: Myanmar's 1st UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ancient Pyu Cities: Myanmar’s 1st UNESCO World Heritage Site

Myanmar finally gets its first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site. Have a short glimpse of the ancient Pyu cities and early civilisation of Myanmar!

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The ancient Pyu cities in Myanmar become its first entry into the UNESCO World Heritage list. The three cities of Halin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra, located in the dry Irrawaddy River zone, are the remnants of the Pyu kingdoms which settled for over a thousand years. The sites are home to some of the world’s oldest Buddhist stupas (temples). City walls, fortresses, funeral sites and industrial production sites are also scattered across the three ancient cities.

The UNESCO recognition not only invites tourists to visit and admire the ancient cities, it also spreads a message for people to take good care of the remains of our early civilizations.

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