A Complete 3D2N Itinerary To Explore Macao’s Hidden Gems

A Complete 3D2N Itinerary To Explore Macao’s Hidden Gems

Pack up your bags and get ready to experience the best of Macau with our ultimate 3D2N Macau itinerary!

Also known as the “Las Vegas of Asia”, Macao is known for its glitz and glamour, with landmarks and skylines that will leave you absolutely bedazzled. Although many stop by to only visit the casinos and soak up the nightlife, Macao is actually also full of hidden gems reminiscent of culture and history, especially since it was a former Portuguese colony. From yummy delicacies to an array of non-stop entertainment, let us take you through a 3D2N itinerary where you can experience the best of Macao!

Day 1 – Macao From Different Viewpoints

Get ready to savour breathtaking views of Macao from different vantage points because Macao isn’t just all about views of the casino strip!

Image credit: Thomas Lok

In the morning, head over to Macao Tower, an observation deck that will give you absolutely splendid panoramic views of Macao – all the way up from 233 metres above ground!

Image credit: Macao Tower

If you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and try out the different adrenaline-pumping activities to kickstart your morning with a bang! These include: bungy and sky jumping (the highest commercial skyjump in the world), tower climbing, and Skywalk X which lets you walk along the outer perimeter of the tower, while being attached to a tether. There’s no handrail whatsoever, so go ahead and challenge your limits by taking a walk on the wild side! It’s definitely going to be your most memorable experience in Macao.

After your morning “exercise”, head over to Guia Hill and Guia Fortress, which many often make the mistake of skipping.

Image credit: J. Patrick Fischer

The Guia Fortress complex comprises of a colonial military fort, chapel and lighthouse that dates back to the 17th century, when Macao was a colony of the Portuguese empire. It is part of the Historic Centre of Macao, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Historic Centre of Macao is a collection of different locations around Macao that are testament to the city’s cultural heritage of Chinese and Portuguese roots. These locations were chosen as they are witnesses to one of the earliest encounters between the East and West! Interesting, huh?

Image credit: Secret Macao

For about 2 MOP (Macanese Pataca, the currency used in Macao), take a cable car ride up the hill to the fortress, where you will be treated to an another incredible city view of Macao from a different perspective.

At the peak, you can venture along one of the walking trails or wander around the complex at your own pace, and visit the series of bunkers and tunnels that were used in the past. Be sure to make your way to the highlight, which is the fortress and the lighthouse at the southern side of the hill! If you’re interested, the chapel and museum dedicated to soldiers who defended Macao is also worth dropping by.

Image credit: Kyle Taylor

After taking the cable car back down, head over to the next stop — the Ruins of St. Paul’s for some gorgeous photos with this iconic tourist attraction, which is also part of the Historic Centre of Macao.

Feeling famished from the morning’s activities? Fret not! You will find a number of eateries surrounding the ruins which sell cheap and delicious nosh that will not only be friendly to your pocket, but also satisfy your tastebuds in all the right places.

Image credit: sstrieu

We recommend having the famous pork chop bun from Tai Lei Lok Kei which is just across the street from the ruins. Featuring a juicy and succulent pork chop fried to a crisp between buns, this Asian-style sandwich will surely satisfy your rumbling tummy!

If you need something to quench your thirst, look no further than Oops Warehouse behind the ruins, where you will be able to grab a blended smoothie or a fresh fruit juice! Oops Warehouse also sells light bites including egg mayonnaise sandwiches and grilled cheese toast.

Image credit: MrT HK

Once your tummy is filled, take a stroll through Senado Square, another location that is part of the Historic Centre of Macao. Here you can spend your remaining afternoon traipsing through the vibrant cobblestoned streets lined with colourful buildings. Join in the hustle and bustle of the crowd as you explore the plethora of shops, heritage sites and snack or souvenir vendors – and splurge to your heart’s content! Soak up the cheery atmosphere and take this chance to snap some photos. For those looking to have a chill afternoon, sit down and relax over a good cuppa at one of the many cafes.

Image credit: Chan Kong Kei

For dinner we urge you to try out Chan Kong Kei’s signature roasted meat rice along Rua Do. Dr. P José Lobo. They are known for selling outstanding roast duck and goose meat! Boasting more than 50 years of experience in dealing with roast meat, Chan Kong Kei will definitely not disappoint! Sink your teeth into flavourful meat marinated in their homemade black pepper sauce, roasted to caramelized perfection! Are you drooling yet?

Image credit: Sanfa Media

To end the night, head to the casino strip and take on the most spectacular view of Macao  its night view! From Galaxy to Lisboa Hotel, Wynn Macao and many others, enjoy the nightlife in Macao by going casino hopping where you can try your luck.

Image credit: Travel-oriented

The city’s 33 casinos are all open 24 hours so the fun never stops! If you’re not into gambling, a stroll down the Cotai strip is still worth it, as you can get up close and admire the lights that are iconic to this city!

Day 2 – Shopping & Entertainment Galore

Image credit: Wei Te Wong

Today, you will be venturing around the areas of Taipa and Cotai! To start your morning, have a scrumptious breakfast at Seng Cheong Restaurant which serves up hearty bowls of silky smooth crab congee infused with bits of creamy crab roe. How delicious does that sound? We know that seafood lovers definitely won’t be able to resist!

After breakfast, make your way to The Venetian Macao and Parisian Macao where you can wander around these giant complexes modelled after Venice and Paris! Parisian Macao even has a mini replica of the Eiffel Tower!

In Venetian Macao, one can even take a gondola boat ride just like the ones iconic in Venice itself! Be transported away to Europe as the Venetian Macao and Parisian Macao both offer you the opportunity to step into a whole new world altogether!

As you walk around the Shoppes in Parisian and Venetian Macao, be enthralled by the stunning decor that mimics the charming European cities and shop to your heart’s delight at the numerous boutiques!

Image credit: Ko Kei Bakery

After shopping for yourself, don’t forget to stop by Ko Kei Bakery to pick up some delectable souvenirs for everyone back home! Acclaimed for their peanut brittle candy and almond cookies, these bakes will most certainly be a delight amongst your friends and loved ones.

Image credit: Taipa Village Macau

Do also drop by the Taipa Houses Museum which is considered to be one of the cultural relics on the island. The museum includes five pastel green houses in Portuguese-style architecture, and the exhibits display artefacts and information on Macao’s colonial past. For lunch, explore the neighbouring Taipa food streets for an authentic Macanese gourmet experience!

Image  credit: Studio City Macau

In the afternoon, visit Studio City Macao for more boutique shopping and entertainment options! After exhausting yourself from shopping, be sure to make a beeline for the Golden Reel, which is the world’s highest figure-8 ferris wheel. Admire the amazing views from 130 metres up in the air! Afterwhich, parents can also bring the young ones to watch the 4D Batman Dark Flight show or visit the Warner Brothers Fun Zone where kids can run wild and let loose in their own giant playground.

Image credit: Roderick Eime

Image credit: Roderick Eime

To end your second day, feast your eyes on a dynamic water performance show at the House of Dancing Water located in the City of Dreams. The House of Dancing Water is the world’s largest water-based performance show! Be sure to hang tight to the edge of your seats as you gape in awe at the variety of water diving stunts, acrobatics and other light and water effects! We are sure that this heart-stopping show will truly entertain both the young and old alike. You’ll never get a chance to witness this incredible performance anywhere else!

Day 3 – Immersing in Macao’s Culture & History

Image credit: Jude Lee

For your last day here in this city, why not spend some time roaming around the small and quaint Coloane Village? Admire the pastel Portuguese-styled buildings, flowers and cobblestoned streets as you take a languid stroll around. Make sure to snap a photo against the backdrop of the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, with its iconic cheery yellow walls and bright blue details!

Image credit: A-ma Cultural Village

Coloane Village has managed to retain the charm of its Portuguese past, even amidst Chinese influences such as A-Ma Cultural Village. At the A-Ma Cultural Village, you can visit the A-Ma statue, Tian Hou Temple and Maritime Museum. The A-Ma statue in particular, is the world’s tallest statue of the goddess! Situated on the hilltop, you’ll be captivated by the picturesque views of Macao from above.

Image credit: Travis

After all that walking and sightseeing, take a well-deserved rest and grab yourself a portugese egg tart at Lord Stow’s Bakery and Cafe! Pop these freshly baked tarts into your mouth and savour the creamy smooth egg custard with a bruleed finish set in flaky, crispy tart pastry. We cannot think of a better way to end your vacation in Macao than with the signature Portuguese egg tart! Mmm…it’s just too delectable!

Whether you are looking for a short getaway from Hong Kong or eager to visit for the glitzy casinos, Macao is definitely worth visiting! With rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine, your 72 hours in Macao will undoubtedly be far from dull. So start packing your bags, Macao awaits! For more information on travelling around Macau, head to Macao Government Tourist Office’s (MGTO) official website.  

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