7 Countries Cat Lovers Must Visit

7 Purr-fect Countries Around the World for Cat-Obsessed Humans

Are you one of those obsessed with cats? Take a trip to any of these seven cat-loving countries and you will find yourself in paradise.

“There are few things in life more heart-warming than to be welcomed by a cat.” – Tay Hohoff

This definitely rings true for cat lovers traversing foreign lands and unfamiliar territories. In an alternate reality a la Haruki Murakami’s “Kafka on the Shore”, we would be able to communicate with and befriend these furballs – perhaps even engage their services as tour guides. Unfortunately, we have to content ourselves with simply petting these cats and taking photos of (or even with) them, after coaxing them with our persistent mewing. Here are some countries where our furry feline friends are in abundance:

1. Greece

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From Athens to the islands of Santorini, Rhodes, and Kos, legions of cats lounging around archaeological sites is not an uncommon sight. Cats are very much a part of the Greek landscape – if they’re not busy enjoying the wind in their fur on the beaches, you might find them napping on piles of books or souvenirs, or just giving a warm welcome to tourists in various cafes and villas (in exchange for food of course!).

2. Japan

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It hardly comes as a surprise that cat cafes are all the rage in the land of Hello Kitty. Apart from playing with and snapping Instagram-worthy shots of the cats in the cafes, you could share a seat with them on the train, or even shake paws with a cat station master. For a slice of cat heaven where cats outnumber humans, a visit to Tashirojima, or the famous Cat Island, is an absolute must.

3. Egypt

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Cats go wayyy back in ancient Egyptian society. So great was the ancient Egyptians’ reverence for these furry felines that they established catteries to ensure a steady supply of cats, effectively making Egyptians the first cat breeders. Today, these creatures are still a prominent feature of Egyptian households and streets, regal in stature as they “guard” the ancient temples.

4. Turkey

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Strolling down the cobbled streets of Istanbul or Cappadocia with cat lovers could be slightly infuriating, as you find yourself stopping at almost every corner for your cat-crazed friend to say hello to the many free-roaming cats. Their affectionate nature will definitely win your heart, and you’ll never feel lonely with these faithful companions by your side (especially when you’re armed with food!).

5. Israel

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Initially introduced as a way of controlling the rat population in the 1930s, some 2 million cats now call Israel home. Many appear a little skittish as they roam the streets scavenging for food, but these fighters only put up a tough exterior. On the inside, they’re as soft and cuddly as a cotton candy teddy bear, so don’t be afraid to show them some love.


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Cats have been inhabitants of Italy since centuries ago. In Rome today, they still curl up by the marble columns of ancient temples, while in Venice, the cats laze by the river as they enjoy the view of gondolas cruising by. Cat sanctuaries have also been set up, amidst calls by authorities to ‘clean up’ historical areas where cats run rampant.

7. Thailand

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Thousands of cats prowl the streets of bangkok, finding refuge from busy traffic in back alleys, local markets/stalls, and temples. Street life may not be the most luxurious for these cats, as they often have to scrounge for scraps of food. But with so many of their kind littering the streets, one doesn’t have to look far to seek solace in the comfort of familiar company.

If you think you have enough cat photos in your album, think again. Attempts to limit your cat photo-taking are no match against the high adorable quotient of the kitties in these countries. Snap away, and pet away!

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