Travel Essentials: A Journal, A Pocket Book, And A Pen

Travel Essentials: A Journal, A Pocket Book, And A Pen

Clothes? Check. Toiletries? Check. Book, journal, and pen? Make sure you've got them checked!

Don’t you ever feel so overwhelmed by the mountain pile of tasks left to do? In the middle of yet another hectic day at work, I find myself closing my tired, strained eyes. I blissfully imagine myself far, far away — ideally laying down on my beach mat, loosening my grip on all the worries that have taken complete control over me.

After slowing my mind down to a gentle stop, I relish the blankness of not having any teacher-related tasks to accomplish — no children to pacify, no parents to call, no assessment forms to fill up. And then after some time, I might pick up a book and lose myself in a riveting story. Feeling moved by the stillness, I might even write for a little while in my journal. In this article, I justify why these travel essentials — books and journals — are always worth the extra space and weight in your luggage.

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Travel is the perfect excuse to get yourself hooked on a book

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What could be better than going on vacation and becoming totally engrossed in a gripping story? Admit it. We never have enough time to read for leisure. As a teacher, the only literature I get to read on a daily basis involves nursery rhymes and talking animals. But isn’t it the most wonderful sensation getting totally lost in a compelling book?

Travelling is an ideal opportunity to catch up on your to-read list. While chilling at a beach, lingering at a quaint little cafe, or even riding a train travelling to a nearby city, books are the perfect company. And there’s something so undeniably special about completing a book in a place away from home — it’s even more surreal, whimsical, and rousing. Something about it completes that dreamlike feeling of being transported to another world.

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Writing in your journal is a powerful way to immortalise your travel experiences

I’ve always advised others who can’t seem to tame their anxieties to try journaling. Sometimes the mind is too quick and restless — it stops for no one, the gears continually whir and turn at top speed, and we can’t seem to catch up. Have you ever been so consumed by countless thoughts bearing down on your poor, overworked mind? How do you focus when everything’s a wild frenzy? 

Journaling helps tremendously. 

Committing to writing while travelling — even just a page of two — is always a wise idea. When I travel, I often feel unlike my usual burnt out self. I feel recharged, inspired, and unique — as if I’m not just another minuscule cog in a gargantuan machine. I’m exciting, interesting, and full of grand, bright ideas. 

Perhaps it’s the allure of being somewhere new, or maybe it’s the sudden relief from the usual stress I’m forced to deal with back home. But one thing’s for certain: travelling ignites a spark within me. I write all about my priceless travel experiences and how they felt to me at the moment — all my realisations, my shifting perspectives about the world, my understanding of culture and tradition. This allows me to bare my soul in a beautiful, enlightening way. 

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As sentimental as it sounds, writing is an amazingly powerful tool to help process our invaluable experiences and immortalise them on paper. Another bonus is that it’s always touching to look back on what we wrote after months or even years. “Wow, that trip really affected me in a special way,” you might say to yourself as you revisit a precious moment in time.

The mind has a knack of dimming down emotionally stirring experiences. But writing them down gives us a permanent reminder of the moments we wish not to forget.

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Next time you make a list of travel essentials, don’t forget to include a journal and a book! Trust me, they’ll make your getaways even more memorable and worthwhile.

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Raya Esteban

Raya Esteban is a lifetime education advocate who currently works as a Montessori primary school teacher. With every chance she gets, Raya loves stringing words together to create compelling travel pieces for everyone to enjoy. A nature-lover and a curious wanderer, she enjoys hiking, diving, and exploring the phenomenal world around her. If she isn’t in the classroom, you’ll probably spot her at a beach or on top of a mountain soaking up the sun.


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