Top 10 Onsens in Hakone: Hot Springs for All Budgets

Top 10 Onsens in Hakone: Hot Springs for All Budgets

When in Hakone, onsens are a must-do!

Hakone is a must-visit destination if you’re in Tokyo. Being the most accessible hot spring town in Japan, Hakone is just an easy 90-minute train ride from the capital city of Japan, making it a popular trip among locals and tourists alike.

Most visit the region for the wonderful views that occasionally include a glimpse of Mount Fuji if weather permits, but others travel to Hakone for the abundance of onsen spots in the region. From luxury onsens to family-friendly onsen theme parks, here are our top ten onsens you can find in the Hakone region!

1. Yunessun – Family-friendly onsen where visitors can soak in wine or coffee

If you only have time for one onsen, this is the one to go to. Hotel Kowakien Yunessun (or Yunessun as it is more commonly known) boasts a huge hot spring complex within its compound. The Yunessun complex has two areas, Mori No Yu and Yunessun itself, providing ample attractions for guests to spend their time in the complex.

Mori No Yu is the traditional onsen section, where guests strip down and in various kinds of pools, similar to the offerings at many other onsen hotels. The other section, Yunessun, is a swimsuit-compulsory area comprising play zones and unique baths. The most popular one is the wine bath, where guests literally immerse themselves in wine. Sometimes, the staff also pour wine over guests as part of the experience.


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With one-of-a-kind baths and exciting play areas, Yunessun is a family-friendly onsen that caters to all kinds of travellers. Guests can choose to pay the entrance fee for just Mori No Yu (1500 yen), the Yunessun play area (2500 yen), or both (3500 yen). No matter what, guests of all ages are guaranteed a fun day spent in the multitude of baths and attractions at Yunessun.

2. Hotel Green Plaza Hakone – Hotel onsen with spectacular views of Mount Fuji

The onsen at the Hotel Green Plaza Hakone is known by many locals and tourists alike. While the hotel is not as convenient as the others listed here, many guests still flock to the hotel for a soak at its onsen. The reason for the hotel’s immense popularity is the unique feature of the onsen – sweeping views of Mount Fuji!

The onsen in Hakone Green Plaza Hotel is available both for hotel guests and day-trippers. For visitors who are not staying in the hotel, the onsen is available for use during the afternoon with an entrance fee of 1600 yen. However, many people choose to stay overnight at the hotel for the opportunity to soak in the onsen during morning and evening. The opportunity to soak in an onsen while watching the sunrise and sunset over Mount Fuji is an experience in itself.

3. Tenzan – Traditional style day-use onsen located deep within the mountains

Considered one of the best onsens in the Hakone region, Tenzan Onsen is a traditional onsen that allows day visitors to experience a slice of Japanese culture. While the onsen is located at the end of the Hakone-Yumoto ryokan district, it can still be reached easily by public bus from Hakone-Yumoto station.


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Far from the Hakone tourist route, the seclusion of the onsen adds to its traditional vibe. For an entry fee of 1200 yen, you can soak in the onsen, enjoy lunch at a traditional Japanese restaurant (charges apply) and relax at the lounge. With an abundance of stone-lined pools next to forested areas, you can soak your worries away at Tenzan Onsen amongst verdant surroundings.

4. Hakone Yuryo – Traditional style public onsen with private rooms

Another popular traditional onsen, Hakone Yuryo, is located close to Hakone-Yumoto Station. For those arriving via the train, there is a free shuttle bus from the station to the onsen that runs at 15-minute intervals, making a trip to Hakone Yuryo even more convenient.

Hakone Yuryo

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Hakone Yuryo offers public baths and relaxation facilities for a fee of 1500 yen. For those who are looking for more privacy, the onsen is one of the few public onsens in Hakone offering private rooms for rent (from 4300 yen per hour). Guests can now enjoy a soak in the privacy of their own onsen tub.

5. Yunosato Okada – Public onsen with many open-air baths

Just 5 minutes via bus from Hakone-Yumoto Station is Yunosato Okada, a speciality day-use onsen located behind Hotel Okada. The many baths in the onsen compound are known to relieve tired muscles, making Yunosato Okada the perfect stop right after your trip around Hakone.

Yunosato Okada

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The use of the onsen facilities at Yunosato Okada cost 1450 yen, but there is a morning discount available for guests who use the onsen between 6am and 9am. Besides the basic onsen entrance, Yunosato Okada offers a multitude of options including meal plans and stay plans, so guests can pick a plan of their liking and enjoy the facilities available at the onsen.

6. Hakone Ginyu – Luxurious infinity-style onsen with views of Hakone mountain range

Situated 420m above sea level is the luxurious Hakone Ginyu, which offers superb views of the Hakone mountain range. This 4-star ryokan has an open-air bath in all its rooms, allowing guests to admire the scenic view of the nearby mountains while soaking in their own private bath.

Hakone Ginyu

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However, the room rates at the Hakone Ginyu start from 30000 yen per person per night. If staying at the ryokan is over your budget, there is an option to soak at the public open-air bath for a fee of 1500 yen. While it is a bit more expensive than similar onsens in the region, the open-air bath at Hakone Ginyu is one of the only infinity-pool onsens in Hakone with a stunning view. Come and be one with nature as you soak in the onsen perched right above the mountains.

7. Kappa Tengoku – No-frills onsen for budget travellers

Located right behind Hakone-Yumoto Station, Kappa Tengoku is choice for visitors who want a soak before or after their train ride. The onsen is a flight of stairs up from the station itself and offers only basic facilities expected in an onsen.

However, at a fee of 800 yen, this is the cheapest onsen to be found in the Hakone region. Kappa Tengoku is suitable for budget-conscious travellers who are not willing to fork out more than 1000 yen note for a bath. For those who are also conscious about being naked with strangers, Kappa Tengoku offers the use of a foot bath for only 200 yen. Using the same water source as its open-air bath, the foot bath will help soothe your weary feet after a long day of travelling around Hakone.

8. Hakone Suimeisou – Onsen hotel with views of the Haya River

A 2-minute walk from the bustling Hakone-Yumoto Station will lead you to the lobby of Hakone Suimeisou. Being the hotel located closest to the station, Hakone Suimeisou is definitely the most convenient onsen hotel in Hakone. After a long train ride, you will definitely need a good soak before heading out to explore Hakone.

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Hakone Suimeisou offers room plans only, but the cheapest room rates start at 8000 yen per person per night, lower than that of similar ryokans. This allows you to enjoy the hotel’s onsen baths, all which come with a view of the Haya River below. Spend your time at Hakone Suimeisou and watch the world go by with a relaxing soak.

If you are in the mood to splurge, these two options are definitely for you:

9. Ashinoko Hanaori – Modern onsen hotel with views of Lake Ashi

Ashinoko Hanaori, which recently opened in August 2017, is a luxury onsen hotel located right next to Lake Ashi. As one of the newly opened hotels in the region, you can be guaranteed that the rooms and facilities at Ashinoko Hanaori are in ship-shape conditions. The hotel is also next to Togendai Station, the interchange for the Hakone ropeway, bus and sightseeing pirate ship.

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Room rates at the Ashinoko Hanaori start from 17000 yen per person per night. This includes a stay inside the luxurious hotel rooms, breakfast and dinner, and the experience of soaking in an onsen with views of Lake Ashi. For those who are planning to come to Hakone for a special occasion, why not complement your trip with a stay at the Ashinoko Hanaori?

10. KAI Sengokuhara – The ultimate luxury ryokan experience money can buy

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Staying in any Hoshino resort is a once-in-a-lifetime experience of its own. Recently opened in July 2018, KAI Sengokuhara is one of the latest offerings by the Hoshino Resorts Group. Located in the museum district of Sengokuhara, this 5 star luxury ryokan allows guests to be fully immersed in Japanese culture, with free craft workshops introducing guests to the regional Hakone culture.

The onsen baths are directly pumped from the famed Owakudani hot springs, giving the water a milky white colour. There are private baths in each room, each offering a picturesque view of the vast Sengokuhara plains. After soaking in the baths, guests can rest in the lounge while sipping on drinks inspired by the local culture.

With its luxurious amenities and immaculate service, staying in KAI Sengokuhara allows one to experience the best Hakone has to offer. Prices for a night at this luxury establishment start from 30000 yen per person.

With plenty of options for you to enjoy a soak, why not head down to Hakone to try out their onsens?

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