Hidden Gems in Paris: 10 Spots to Explore Off the Beaten Path

10 Hidden Gems in Paris Worth Exploring

Explore the City of Love off the beaten path!

Ah, Paris, the City of Love—it beckons romantics and culture vultures with famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. But, beyond these well-trodden paths are under-the-radar treasures waiting to be explored. From aimless walks in secret gardens to exploring underrated cultural spots, plan your trip around these hidden gems in Paris for a unique holiday! 

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Hidden gems in Paris for a French holiday off the beaten path

1. Canal Saint Martin

hidden gems in paris

Image credit: Vince Duque | Unsplash

Unlike the grand boulevards and iconic landmarks, Canal Saint Martin stands as a charming, peaceful oasis hidden in plain sight! Join a cruise, stroll along the waterway’s tree-lined banks to soak in the natural atmosphere, or explore the surrounding neighbourhood, which boasts retro eateries, trendy cafes, and shops. What’s more? Spend some downtime at Jardin Villemin, a quaint park that tourists often overlook, but is much-loved by locals. 

Address: Quai de Jemmapes 75010, Paris 

2. Le Jardin de Petit Palais

hidden gems in paris

Image credit: Petit Palais | Official Website

For an elevated dining experience off the beaten path, ditch Cafe de Flore and make your way over to Le Jardin de Petit Palais. Tucked away in Paris’ Musee des Beaux Arts, this cafe-slash-restaurant opens into a romantic garden decorated with mosaics, exotic plants, and towering palm trees. Enjoy a cuppa or indulge in French gourmet treats by the terrace dining area sheltered under an ancient peristyle, while admiring the lush greenery.

Address: Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris

3. Promenade Plantee

Image credit: Guilhem Vellut | Flickr

Fun fact: New York City’s High Line was partly inspired by Paris’ Coulee verte Rene-Dumont aka Promenade Plantee! A must-do walk, especially for romantics, the railway-turned-walkway treats you to fantastic views of the city at ten metres above street level. Pack a picnic for lunch, breathe in the fresh air, and discover a different side of the city on this elevated pocket of nature!

Address: 1 Coulée Verte René-Dumont, 75012 Paris

4. Bois de Vincennes

Image credit: Pascale Gueret via Canva Pro

Clearly, Paris abounds in natural hidden gems for a breath of fresh air and a dose of tranquillity! Nestled on the city’s eastern edge lies the Bois de Vincennes, another beautiful green oasis typically overlooked by travellers. Encompassing about 995 hectares of land, this sprawling garden features several notable sights including lakes, lawns, and the mediaeval fortress of Chateau de Vincennes. More than a picturesque picnic spot, it also doubles as a hotspot for music events and live entertainment!

Address: Rte de la Pyramide, 75012 Paris

5. Rue Cremieux

Image credit: Sharon VanderKaay | Flickr

The enchanting fairytale-like street of Rue Cremieux is sure to level up your travel snapshots! Tucked away in the 12th arrondissement, this narrow cobblestone lane boasts vibrantly coloured houses in every shade imaginable! While it may be a short stroll down the street, it’s undeniably one of the most charming hidden gems in Paris for a quick photo-op.

Address: Rue Crémieux, 75012 Paris 

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6. Parc Monceau

Image credit: Thomas1313 | Wikimedia Commons

Once private grounds for the French royalty, Parc Monceau has since transformed into one of the most elegant public parks in all of Paris. A true visual feast and quiet haven for locals and tourists alike, it’s no wonder French impressionist painter Claude Monet found inspiration for his art here! Wander through its pathways and manicured lawns or unwind with a good book on a bench. Additionally, as you walk along the park, expect to find historic sculptures and pieces of French culture. 

Address: 35 Bd de Courcelles, 75008 Paris

7. Terrace at Galeries Lafayette

Image credit: Galeries Lafayette | Official Website

Most tourists head to Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower; however, it always gets too crowded. For unspoiled views of the Eiffel Tower and panoramic vistas of Paris, head up to the eighth floor of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann! Although a popular tourist attraction in itself, not many know about its rooftop area. Thus, consider spending a few hours over a drink or two at its pop-up restaurant and watch the sun set into the horizon. 

Address: 40 Bd Haussmann, 75009 Paris

8. Paris Sewer Museum

Image credit: Chatsam | Wikimedia Commons

Beneath the City of Lights lies a hidden treasure most tourists miss. For a one-of-a-kind museum tour, consider visiting the Musee des Egouts aka Paris Sewer Museum. Yep, you heard that right! Discover interactive displays and historical artefacts about the Parisian sewage systems and how these play a vital role in keeping the city up and running. Forget the Louvre, this is where the real unexpected adventure awaits! 

Address: 93 quai D Orsay, 75007 Paris

9. Roger La Grenouille

Image credit: Roger La Grenouille | Official Instagram

After your sightseeing adventures, get your fill of delicious eats at Roger La Grenouille—your one-stop shop for a taste of classic French cuisine! Located in the hip and artsy neighbourhood of Rue des Grand-Augustins since 1930, it has been frequented by famous icons like Picasso, Antoine de Saint Exupery, and Francois Truffaut. Ever had fried frog legs for dinner? Roger specialises in frog dishes alongside other French classics like escargot and steak tartare! 

Address: 28 Rue des Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris

10. Lavomatic

Image credit: Lavomatic | Official Website

Craving a taste of Parisian nightlife beyond the tourist traps? Lavomatic, a hidden bar disguised within a laundromat, might just be what you’re looking for! Here, patrons are treated to a funky and vibrant atmosphere with great tunes all night long. While their craft cocktail menu features unique seasonal flavours, you can also opt for a natural wine or classic beer. 

Address: 30 Rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris

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So, what say you? Ready to ditch the tourist magnets and delve into these hidden gems in Paris? These secret pockets might just leave you with a newfound sense of appreciation for the city’s charm and perhaps a desire to return and explore more! Do you have any hidden treasures in Paris you would like to share with us? Tag us on your travel snapshots @tripzillamag with the hashtag #TripZillaShare! 

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