6 Thoughts You Will Have During the Scandinavian Summer

6 Thoughts You Will Have During the Scandinavian Summer

Scandinavian summer brings about a roller coaster of mixed emotions.

When we think summer weather, we think of the hot and humid climate such as the one in Singapore. But depending on where you live, ‘summer’ can mean such different things.

Summer temperatures in Dubai can go up to 45°C with 90% humidity (!!) while temperatures in Scandinavia only goes up to 18°C – that’s like the coldest setting on the air-conditioners in Singapore. 

Having been to Scandinavia – which consists of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland – and experiencing the summer there, here are six thoughts that went through my mind.

Before getting there

“Can’t wait for the air-con temperature! Sweater weather, here I come!”

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Stepping out of the airport

“This is a bit colder than I expected…”

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It’s okay, I will get used to this 8°C summer…right?”

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When the sun is out

“Ahhhhhh the warmth of the sun!”

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But after a while

“I feel like an idiot wearing a knit sweater today.”

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And then when you find shade

“God the winds are too chilly, but the sun is too hot.” 

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And after almost 15 hours of daylight…

“Okay is the sun going away already or what?”

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In countries like Norway, the sun barely sets below the horizon in the northernmost areas, allowing one to experience the midnight sun in the summer seasons. This means you get daylight for almost the entire day, causing your body clock confusion about when bedtime actually is.

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One thing I learnt from my experience in Scandinavia over that summer? Layering is the way to go. Also, sunblock is also an absolute necessity; the cool weather and cloudy skies can be deceiving at times, but the UV rays are always out there.

Evidently, Singaporeans love to complain about the weather. I did the same even when I was in a different country!

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