This is Why I Always Travel Without a Plan

This is Why I Always Travel Without a Plan

Going in blind just makes it all the more sweeter.

Just the idea of travelling without a plan can sound daunting to the inexperienced.

“Where will I rest? By what means will I know where to go and what to do?”

Try not to fuss, as these questions will find its answers as you go along. You’ll understand it’s anything but difficult to discover hostels, get suggestions, and to utilise common sense to keep yourself safe. The benefit of travelling without any plan is that you get to live in moment and adjust your arrangements as you go.

The most exciting part? Before your plane takes off, you’ll have absolutely no clue what’s in store for you.

Because of the very fact that there are no concrete plans laid out, you can expect anything and everything. You can tweak your destinations according to what you like (and not the popular choices) and you can change your mind again when something better comes along. Letting the day develop haphazardly will create opportunities for energising and spontaneous adventures.

So read on to find out the reasons why travelling without a plan is something you should definitely check off your bucket list.

Flexibility Begets Liberty

Going without the confinements of a super rigid plan furnishes you with adaptability. How often do you come across a beautiful place you’d just wish to spend a little more time in? Probably many times. Having a free agenda gives you the option and flexibility to stay longer in that place. Plus, that will mean that you’ll have more time to really become more acquainted with the area.

Adrenaline of Improvisation

Everybody ought to take an unconstrained vacation at least once in their life. That anticipation coupled with excitement and a tinge of nervousness; not knowing where you’ll be going or what you’ll be doing next makes the experience all the more richer. Your elevated senses will burn itself into your memory. There’s absolutely no way this won’t be something you’ll look back on fondly and with wonder. The spontaneity of such adventures will certainly be etched into your memory.

Monetary Savings

If you book ahead of time you’ll likely be paying a booking charge and potentially excessive merchant expenses depending on who you book these deals through. But if you do it as you go, you will have easy access to the various choices at your destinations, giving you the ability to compare before you choose.

Deeper insights

Having additional time up your sleeve when making a trip permits you to encounter your new area like a local. You have the advantage of sitting in a nearby bistro, soaking in the vibe while people-watching without having to worry about rushing to your next scheduled programme. You can also have discussions with the locals who will let you know all the places you can check out and which are also not on travel guides.

Personal “Investigation”

Ever booked a hotel ahead of time, which looked marvellous in the photographs online but in reality, didn’t exactly meet your expectations (or even look remotely like anything in the pictures)? Another benefit of not planning your trips is that you get to see the actual thing before you pay for any of it.

That’s just some of the many reasons why you should definitely travel on an unplanned trip at least once in your life. There’s no better way of experiencing life’s pleasures if you don’t ditch all your to-do lists and elaborate plans. Life is all about spontaneity and adventures. So go on one today!

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