Where to Meet David Beckham Next? British Airways Presents A List of Possible Places

Where to Meet David Beckham Next? British Airways Presents A List of Possible Places

Make David Beckham's travel bucket list yours and get a chance to meet the Beckham family!

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I can hear you screaming girls (and guys)!!!

For those who do not recognise the man in the picture… hey wait for a second, do you even live on earth?! This is the David Beckham, a.k.a. the hottest football player of all time, the coolest dad/husband on earth and most likely (oh, for sure) the sexiest man alive!

Image credit: Twitter/Victoria Beckham

Not to mention the perfect family. What else can I say? They are just, perfect.

Image credit: British Airways

Thanks to British Airways, now we know David Beckham’s travel bucket list as revealed in a recent interview with the superstar. Chances to meet the Beckham family in the following destinations is indeed slim, however non-zero. And so yes, I’m in!

1. Watch the Palio di Siena horse race in Italy.

Image credit: Teymur Madjderey

2. Watch a football match at La Bombonera in Buenos Aires.

Image credit: Erik Stattin

3. “I like to visit destinations where food is the central part of the journey so my next holiday will be somewhere I can try different cuisines.”

Image credit: LWYang

It might be Taiwan’s Shihlin Night Market, the first place I could think of according to the man’s original quote. Or maybe Singapore? Since he lists Singapore as one of his favourite places to visit, along with New York, LA and London in the interview, I am guessing the chances are pretty high.

Ignite your imagination and try your luck! Who knows you might be the lucky one to meet David Beckham and his family!

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