Hong Kong Tourism Board Launches “Super Fans” Programme

Hong Kong Tourism Board Launches Its First “Hong Kong Super Fans” Global Fan-Engagement Programme

Rediscovering the beauty and culture of Hong Kong despite the pandemic

Despite countries beginning to inoculate their citizens, travel still looms over the horizon. Times may seem gloomy with no certainty of when travel can resume anywhere. However, that won’t stop the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) from harnessing the power of community spirit. Join them in a much-anticipated grand invitation to welcome visitors back to Hong Kong through online and offline activities under the “Hong Kong Super Fans” programme!  

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Participants from 20 key markets 

Dubbed ‘Super Fans’, these individuals are known for their social influence and heartfelt connection to Hong Kong. They are invited to participate in exclusive online and offline activities designed to showcase the best of what Hong Kong has to offer. Following the opening of international travel, they can explore Hong Kong in all its glory from heritage attractions to hidden local gems and exciting new happenings. These adventures will then be shared with their audience. 

‘Super Fans’ have been recruited across Asia, Australasia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas.

HKTB virtual tour 

To usher in the festivities, HKTB organised a virtual tour celebrating everything unique about ringing in Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. This was done especially for the media and Super Fans. Participants caught a glimpse of the charismatic neighbourhood of Old Town Central, and enjoyed a “Good Fortune Bag” from the comfort of their homes! 

Embracing the future of Hong Kong 

While times remain uncertain, the organisation plans to embrace the future step by step. Their ‘Holiday at Home’ campaign seeks to encourage people to rediscover their hometown. Moreover, it anticipates re-engaging with passionate travellers across the globe who are vacation-deprived thanks to COVID-19. 

Ultimately, the country is gearing to roll out their ‘Open House Hong Kong’ campaign to embrace visitors again with a collection of competitive travel offers and exciting in-town experiences. Let’s look forward to the day we get to venture Hong Kong offline! 

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